Over the years I’ve had a lot of cats. Sam was just a guy. Tiger would sleep on my chest and then go randomly mad from time to time and attack my face with his belly while biting the crown of my head. Zephyr was a bit soft in the head. Tsuki was evil. Natasha and B.C. transient. Michi, young and tragic, so tragic. Gigi, beautiful and haughty. Aerylin has her head in the clouds most of the time. Lula has a sharp tongue and a ton of bossy confidence. (Lula was named after a character in the Stephanie Plum books. If you know those books, if you know Lula … Lula IS Lula, but without the heels and red thong.) Lucy is basically the cat version of Lucille Ball. Luke is a pretty laid-back cat, when he’s not bickering with his sister (Lucy, they’re Gigi’s kittens).

And Sugar (the dog) is sweet. And also a bit of an airhead.

Names are important, and oddly enough often reflect the character that they’re too young to show when they’re kittens and you’re handing that name out. I mean … who knew Dude would turn into such a … a Dude? It’s not that we knew he was so fool-hearty when the time came to give him a name.

Howlite’s name doesn’t really have a meaning. It’s the name of a pretty stone, white like her, with gray markings like the gray spot that once was on her head. In crystal healing, it’s also considered good for calm and dissipating anger. I believe that fits Howlite well.


Now, naming the new cat. She is probably the first cat I’ve ever brought with a true purpose beyond “I like cats!” I want her to help Howlite, be a friend to her, and to help her stay healthy. So!

Meet Anisa. Hopefully a Faithful Friend.



(Yeah, they’re not sure they like one another yet. Howl is currently freaked the hell out. But not hissing or angry, just really confused. And freaked the hell out. Ani is even more confused. And understandably unhappy without her mom and brothers and uncles around.)


3 thoughts on “Anisa

  1. I currently have Pumpkin (Punki) my son named him (when he just 6 yrs old), Jack- a big. strong cat always wearing a tux, and Carolina (Kitten as we call her) who’s a badass and runs the boys; she’s cute and only about 5 lbs,
    Anisa is so cute! BTW, I love the names you’ve given your babies.

    1. Thanks! I saw an episode of My Cat From Hell that had a cat named “Princess Puffy Pants” and I SOOOO wanted to name Anisa that, but she doesn’t have puffy pants (long fur) so I let that dream go. Maybe someday!

      I always like a badass female, but then she can’t be TOO badass. That was Tsuki. She ran off Zephyr and Sam like nothin’. Then she would lay facing my mom while she was sleeping and just stare at her. So that Tsuki’s eyes were the first thing ma would see. She had beautiful old-penny-colored eyes, but they were filled with evil! Eventually we got Michi and Tsuki decided she was incapable of handling so much cute. So Michi defeated the demon cat (whom I loved regardless). And then got mauled to death by a neighbors dog. Broke my heart.

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