Random Movie Review: Red 2 (Part 2)

Okay, upon reflection I really don’t have much else to say, it’s kind of like Despicable Me 2, I enjoyed it, but beyond that I don’t have much of an opinion. (Upon further reflection I realized that yes, yes I do have an opinion.)

General and Epilepsy

No problems here. Most gunfire (even very automatic gunfire) was in daylight which kept it from making me twitchy. Though I’d had very little sleep (a vocal kitten is much like a baby in that respect) and taken my pills late, as well as not eating a whole lot of food, I was not the least bit bothered by the bullets or the occasional flickering overhead light.

This movie was … well, it kept that Old People Kick Ass feel, but since the first proves that point, it lacks any amount of amusement simply at that fact. So it has to make up for that by being slightly more extreme.

Technical and Actors

Scene changes were animated again, though the comic-style frame slides didn’t work as well (in my own opinion) as the postcards used in the first movie. Explosions and fighting were as well done as in the first, perhaps even better as Byung-Hun really knows his stuff. Or at least can play that he knows his stuff well enough to convince a woman who knows shit about fighting.

There were a few times when, as a contract killer, Byung-Hun’s character isn’t the least bit subtle. By that I mean basically every single moment following his introduction. For some reason, I find I’m able to forgive him for this.


It’s not like he wrote it, after all.

Give me a moment to review my photo choice.



No, I’m good. I can continue.

Where was I?

Oh. Actors. Right. On we go!

Catherine Zeta Jones was unnecessary, I think. She was there to mess with Sarah’s emotions by seducing Frank. For me it was a waste of time. She did her job well, but I didn’t like the job.

Anthony Hopkins’s character was necessary, but I didn’t really care for him. Honestly, I think this is where the movie falls apart for me. I did not like Bailey. I’m rarely fond of anything AH does. Though I know he has legions of fans, I’ve never been one of them. Beyond this, and I know he acted the character, and well, I simply did not like the character himself. Again, this is less AH’s fault than that of the writers.

Neil McDonough, who plays Jack Horton, is a more violent William Cooper (played by Karl Urban in RED). And perhaps not as good. Cooper had more depth than Jack Horton. Not bad, just not as good as I hoped.

The Frog, played by David Thewlis, was my favorite new(non-Byung-Hun) character.

The regulars: Frank, Marvin, Sarah, Victoria, and Ivan (that pimp suit!) were still awesome.

I enjoyed this film for the action more than the characters, which is the reverse of the original. This doesn’t mean I didn’t LIKE the movie, it just wasn’t what I expected going in.


Possibly my favorite part of this movie was the very beginning. Sara and Frank in a Costco. Frank’s buying grills and power washers. Sarah is standing, dull-eyed, eating a extra-large bag of chips. Sarah has become an excitement junky, she fell in love with Frank during a cross country adventure while being chased by men with guns. Now she’s in Costco. Buying grills.

In comes Marvin. Marvin comes with news that the world is falling apart. Frank wants to keep Sarah safe, Sarah wants to help.

Instead of cross-country we go cross-Northern hemisphere. As the Trailer mentioned, we spend time in the US and Russia (we are NEVER going to move away from the Cold War), but also take a moment or two in Paris and the UK. Reasons for the traveling are the same as the last time, they’re tracking down information.

Sarah works herself more into the action this time, which is nice. There’s a running joke involving a plane that amuses me. Victoria kills people, and it is still hot. Ivan and I think alike in this way.

But I was able to see all the “big moments” from a mile away. Which made me sad.

Interesting to Note

I keep forgetting that RED (though much changed) is a DC product. Mainly because, oh! I actually enjoy it! #burn #MarvelGirl4Ever (or something like that).

Quite a few product placement moments, but all of them integrated believably into the story. Costco, for example, worked really well for that entry moment. We all have that mental image of families buying butter in bulk, yeah? Not something you imagine an ex super-spy doing. And not something you’d think the girlfriend of an ex-super-spy would enjoy. Sets the scene perfectly.

I also enjoyed the Pringles bit, though I did feel it lingered overlong on the logo.

R.I.P.D. looks fun. I hope this Wolverine is better than the last one. Looks like it could be, though we’ve got that needle toy thing that I referenced in the Man of Steel review.


Did I enjoy it? Yes. Did I like it as much as the first? Eye-candy aside, no. I didn’t.



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