Anisa and Howlite

Anisa has done exactly what I had hoped Anisa would do: Howlite is eating more in response to Anisa’s eating.

I could cry. I did cry actually. Though I was very quiet about it, since I didn’t want to startle her from eating with my tears. Sobbing wouldn’t have helped.

I am having a few problems keeping them in their separate bowls. Anisa won’t take any harm from the CRF food as long as she gets other, more protein heavy, cat food in her. Howlite, however, can suffer from non-CRF food, but she hasn’t eaten much, and eating at all is more important than keeping to CRF food only.

Apparently there are lots of cats who die of starvation because someone told their owners that they could ONLY eat CRF food and nothing else. Whereas I was told that she should eat CRF food, but if she needed something else, then I was to let her have it. CRF food is pretty bland and not very smelly, and CRF cats can’t smell or taste as well as non-CRF cats. This leads to problems convincing them to eat. Sort of like if you were put on a white bread and water only diet. And that’s packaged white bread (not fresh) and lukewarm water.


So, if I catch Howlite in Anisa’s food, I move her over to her own bowl, but I don’t throw a fit about it. I don’t want to put her off eating entirely, and the little bit she gets won’t put her far over her phosphate level, not with the amount of water I’m getting in her.

Again, so happy I could cry.


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