Disaster Movie Night

I’m sure I’ve mentioned that I have a crazy movie channel. It has no name, no commercials, no set schedules, no theme … except maybe that most of the movies are in English. It plays everything from A-list blockbusters to random bottom of the barrel flicks like¬†Iron Soldier. And, in one lucky shot, I was … More Disaster Movie Night

It’s muuuurderrr

My cats tried to kill me last night. Anyone familiar with cats knows that they are very fond of tangling themselves around your feet as you walk. Especially if you have stairs. It is also common knowledge that this is a plot to take out humans and thus gain control of Earth. My cats, Anisa … More It’s muuuurderrr

Rain, Rain!

I don’t necessarily want you to go away, rain all you want today, but please give me a Saturday or Sunday to go have a bit of fun! A friend of mine claims to have found a¬†fantastic Italian place here on the island. I’m already quite fond of a chain, Wine Connection, for their pizza … More Rain, Rain!