Rain, Rain!

I don’t necessarily want you to go away, rain all you want today, but please give me a Saturday or Sunday to go have a bit of fun!

A friend of mine claims to have found a fantastic Italian place here on the island. I’m already quite fond of a chain, Wine Connection, for their pizza and spinach ravioli (I might have mentioned this before). Outside of Wine Connection, most Italian food here lacks … well, cheese mainly. And often too much sugar is added to their red sauces. Not only to cut the acid, which is normally why sugar is added (mom says the true Italian way is to use very, very small, thin carrots, and I put vinegar because YAY ACID!), but until the sauce is sweet. Tomatoes, in my opinion, do not need sweetened. Carbonara, which is strangely popular here and is most often what is on offer at restaurants as western food, usually tastes like the sauce is pure flour paste. Ugh. I mean no flavor but flour and over-cooked noodles.

I’m hesitant to become excited over this place, but at least I can be sure about the sugar. My friend is very sensitive to it and cannot stand things that are too sweet. It will actually give her sores on her tongue, which I only get if I eat something like 5 or more rolls of sweetarts/sprees. (Yes. Yes, I have done that before.) So, I don’t think I should be too afraid, either.

In any event, we’re going tonight. A new employee has started (she’s Indian), and we went to an Indian buffet together a few weeks ago. There we decided we should start something like a monthly food club. We would get together and go eat non-Thai food every now and again. That is the plan for tonight.

Here’s hoping for a good dinner!

(Edit: I should say that Bangkok has lots of good international food. That’s not quite true here in Phuket, which I’ve never quite understood given the Expat population. Though Indian food is not popular here, you can get good Indian food, though it is very pricey. Chinese and Japanese is common, and usually well cooked from what I remember of my short time in Japan. Vietnamese, on the island, is so so. Mexican is … dear lord, awful. Sweet. So freaking sweet. BBQ is somewhat the same, too sweet, and over cooked for a person who likes rare-to-medium stakes. According to those who like Russian food, it’s okay, I have no experience here as I do not know anything of Russian food outside of Thailand, and wasn’t fond. Same thing of French, for the most part, though that seems to be rarer here than any of the others. Outside of bakeries that describe themselves as French. If you’re wondering, the best bakery I’ve been to is a Japanese bakery chain, so… yeah.)


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