It’s muuuurderrr

My cats tried to kill me last night.

Anyone familiar with cats knows that they are very fond of tangling themselves around your feet as you walk. Especially if you have stairs. It is also common knowledge that this is a plot to take out humans and thus gain control of Earth.

My cats, Anisa specifically, tried to make good on their part of the Kitty War Against Humanity last night. I was walking to feed them, something that gets them both super excited (understandably), and she coiled around my ankles like a little, fuzzy snake.

Consequently, I tripped. I tripped face first into my fridge. Bit the absolute shit out of my lip. Had sort of a minor seizure, myoclonic jerks and slight gray-out, though no time lost or any other injuries.

How can something so cute be so evil?

I’m fine now, but my head hurts like something awful. Glad I didn’t break my teeth this time though! Hurrah for good things!


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