What I’ve Been Doing

Things have been mad here the past few days. Luckily Monday is Queen Sirikit’s birthday, and (by extension) Mother’s Day. As I work for a government office, this means I get the day off. Fan-freaking-tastic. I can catch up with some stuff! Yay!

In other news, my cats are doing well. Destroying things, as kittens are known to do, and ignoring me, as older cats are known to do.

Other than work and cleaning up after my cats the only thing of note I’ve done in the last 5 days is going on a fountain pen binge. I bought a vintage, 1960s era Lady Sheaffer, brushed gold with a 14k nib. A Wing Sung, deep purple with flowers, very pretty. And a Jinhao calligraphy art pen, yellowy gold (paint not plated). I didn’t need the Jinhao but it and the Wing Sung together were $6 … I just couldn’t resist!

I’m excited about all of them, but the poor, abused mess of a Lady Sheaffer (lots of damage to the plating at the end) is the most exciting. Normally I’d be nervous about putting a gold pen, vintage at that, into circulation, but this one has some wear and tear already on it, so I don’t have to fret so much.

(My cats are currently playing litter box musical chairs… and making a mess while doing it. I have to go now…)


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