Random Movie Review: R.I.P.D.

General and Epilepsy

Well. It’s not the WORST movie I’ve ever seen. I did laugh, with not at, during several scenes. I cringed more, though, and had to actively turn away more than once.

They should outlaw flickering blue shit. The asshole (that’s what it looked like) to death was all flickery and blue. I didn’t have any myoclonic jerks, but I did go slightly hazy. Probably wouldn’t have been an issue if I’d had something to eat before going in.

Technical and Actors

There was a bit of interesting camera work in a few places, like early on during the drug bust when you’re following Nick inside. But it did have a “Disney 4-D” amusement park ride feel to it. I kept expecting my chair to move around.

The CGI was embarrassing. We’re talking bad for 1998 in parts.

The acting was … disappointing.

Mary-Louise Parker, and I love her, was disappointing (though she had some kickin’ go-go boots, fantastic). It really felt like Ryan Reynolds was phoning it in for the “emotional” scenes because I felt no chemistry at all between him and his “wife”. Kevin Bacon did a pretty good job, actually. Especially when you put him up against all of the others.

Fantastic shoes.

Jeff Bridges was, for me, the only thing keeping the movie going. His character was absurd. His dialogue … I don’t know how he managed it with a straight face. But I bought what he was selling, which was basically True Grit does comedy.

James Hong and Marisa Miller, who played Ryan and Jeff’s alter-egos, did great jobs being silly. And Jeff as Roy playing as his alter-ego (that hand on his waist! “I’m not a piece of meat”) was funny.


Basically, Ryan is Nick, a Boston cop. He’s not dirty, but he’s holding (guiltily) on to some gold that he and his partner (Kevin) picked up in a drug bust. While struggling with the guilt and deciding to give the gold up, Nick goes on a raid, and dies.

Dead, he’s given the option to join R.I.P.D., which the Proctor (Mary-Louise) suggests since he’s done some things he might be judged harshly for. His 100-year term might be long enough to get him a good recommendation during judgement.

He’s partnered with Wild-West Clown, Roy (Jeff), and what follows is typical buddy cop stuff only with dead people.


It was awful. IMDB estimates that the budget was somewhere at $130 million. I don’t know who was pocketing that cash on the side, because they weren’t spending it on effects. It couldn’t have ALL gone to the big four (Ryan, Jeff, Mary-Louise, and Kevin), or if it did, they should have picked lower-list actors.

Also, I’ve heard bad things about the 3D conversion. I saw it in 2D, so I can’t say from first hand experience, but I wouldn’t suggest spending the extra money for 3D.


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