Silver Linings

Despite the weekend sucking (and it mostly did), I couldn’t help but notice one HUGE positive.

I didn’t have a seizure.

Saturday pushed almost every single one of my triggers. We had to meet up at 5am to ride to the airport. 5 a.m.!!! I am not a morning person, and I had problems getting any sleep at all. So: Sleep deprived.

When I fell off of the plane and twisted my ankle I might not have landed on my head, but I did land hard. It did hurt. And it did give me one bitch of a headache. So: trauma/injury.

We spent two hours arguing about my visa. It was awful. They’d think it was done, then it wouldn’t be. Time after time after time. Then we were down to the wire, it was done. Then it wasn’t. I knew if I stayed then my friend would too, and that made me feel extremely guilty. So: Stress.

After that seemingly endless day was a long ride in the back seat of the taxi, which tends to make me sleepy and nauseated. So: tired.

Finally, there was noise. So much freaking noise. Audio notices over the PA system at the airport, and communication via the walkie-talkies of the various airport employees I was with over the course of the day. The music in the cab. The various big-city-traffic sounds. So: Audio-sensitivity.

Yet there was no seizure. Some twitches – I was concerned – but no seizure.

No seizure.


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