Prudish Felines

Living single as I do, never having guests (I soooo hate cleaning), and being in what is basically a large studio apartment with no kitchen, I never feel it’s necessary to be fancy at home. In fact, I’m a bit of an at-home-semi-nudist. I rarely wear more than a bra and panties.

I consider yoga gear extremely formal. Via Woman’s Health

I’m not trying to be suggestive about this or anything, this is important to the story; stay with me.

Anyhow, my oldest cat is a TOTAL prude about this. My bare feet and shins are okay, as are my bare hands, but anything else? No. Very much no. She likes to cuddle with me after a shower, while I have the towel on. I find this sweet so I’ll sit around like that for hours, but eventually I feel the need to get — what I consider — dressed, and that leaves too much exposed skin, so away she goes.

Same thing holds true for anytime I go out to grab something from the little shop downstairs. Means I have to get — casually — dressed (we’re talking sweat shorts and an old t-shirt, I’m really not formal).

If the world is lucky, I’ll pick out a shirt with a collar. Maybe even a clean one. Via Yoga sports clothing.

The second I walk back in the door, she’s got to get in my lap and cuddle a bit. I have never in my life had a cat like her. I find her very amusing.

For comparison, my baby cat has no such issues. She’s also insanely jealous at the moment so adult cat doesn’t even get much cuddling done when I am dressed.

These interesting personality quirks are why I like cats so much.

Sometimes they even love each other!

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