The Raven: (Possible) Retaliation

So. After three months, the guy who tried to break into my house at 3am (back in September) is now out of jail. And back where he was.

The good thing is that I am not where I was, and so am not as easily accessible. The bad thing is that my path out of the neighborhood still requires me to walk by his workplace. I can go around and slip by (probably) unnoticed, and I WILL do that, but it’s damn annoying. Damn annoying.

To add to this annoyance, apparently the jackass is spreading rumors about why he was jailed. According to his version of the story a “farang” (foreigner) called the cops on him because he was talking to his girlfriend on his cell too loudly.


The good thing about this story is that it doesn’t explicitly name me, or make the farang female. Possible reasons why he’s being vague is that I am recognizable in the neighborhood and, to my knowledge, generally approved of. Even if I weren’t, some of the people I consider (and more importantly they consider themselves to be) family, are even better known and respected. (I assume “like” as well, especially since they are customers of most of the neighborhood establishments, meaning sources of money…probably a little more important than a 3 month grievance from a 17 year old. At least, that’s my hope.)

The bad thing is that this “farang” is being somewhat maligned in the neighborhood. One of those stupid farang who gets annoyed at the dumbest things and gets good Thai people, young people at that, into trouble.

The worst thing is that I’m not sure I could recognize him if I saw him again. It was dark and I was upset. He was in crap shape, dirty, drunk. His hair was a wreck, with leaves in it. I’m sure they cleaned him up a bit in jail. Add that to the fact that when we finally got into okay light of the police station, I wasn’t really able to look at him in the face. That was my mistake. I shouldn’t have looked away. It makes me somewhat weaker in this situation, and that’s not good.

Thus, I am sleeping with a screwdriver under my pillow and a metal mop handle by my bed. I will walk around my neighborhood, instead of taking the direct route to the grocery/market/movies. Annoying, yes. Stupid, under normal circumstances, yes. But pretty much necessary now.

Damn him.


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