Little Known Facts: Darcil and her war with food!

I have a jar of jalapenos,

Right brand, wrong jar.

and I want so much to sit down and just eat the whole thing. I have the *oddest* food cravings sometimes. Who eats a whole jar of sliced jalapenos in one sitting?

Me. I do.

I have portion control issues. Or maybe a lack of will power. I’m surprised I haven’t burst my stomach because when I eat something tasty I want to eat ALL of that something. In college I’d eat entire sheet cakes … maybe not in one sitting, but in a day, myself.

I can’t buy a whole jar of feta and olives because I know it’ll be gone by the next day. I have to buy the snack packs,

THESE tiny little things.

and one at a time. Which is more expensive and time consuming as it means I have to go to the grocery store more often.

Somehow I have — and it’s beyond me and possibly the most impressive thing I’ve ever done in my life … which is sad, I realize — been off cokes (that’s carbonated beverages/sodas for people not in the southern US) for almost a year now. I’ve had a few slips, got sick last weekend and had a Sprite, for example, but a small bottle. Had an Italian, honey-lemon soda at a fresh-food cafe. But other than that…

It’s like that single thing, cutting cokes, takes up the entirety of my will to fight food cravings.

Doesn’t matter what it says on the back, THIS is a single serving. If it were twice this size, it would STILL be a single serving.

I work out some, which is good because I’d weigh two tons and be unable to move if not. But even when my binge food of choice is fruits and veggies (I love making packs of fresh green beans and grapes, so freaking tasty), it can’t be healthy.

At least I don’t purge? I guess?

So. Anyhow. There’s a jar of jalapenos calling my name. If you’ll excuse me.


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