Random Trailer Whatever: Guardians of the Galaxy

I’m absolutely mad for this trailer. I was super worried when it was announced that it was being made. It made some sense, what with Gamora … well, I’ll just leave out spoilers, but I could see why, coming to the end of Marvel Phase 2, they’d want to put certain character arcs on the table.

But … You’re dealing with a LOT of CGI/Live Action mixing in a movie like this, and it doesn’t look like they’re doing a lot of fancy filtering or making everything gray-brown (Krypton anyone?) to try and mask the difference in level of detail.

Sure, it’s easier to be semless when you’re picking your best shots for a 2 minute spot, but Groot and Rocket fighting in the prison … they look AWESOME together.

This isn’t a comic I’ve ever been a fan of, but I’m no longer worried about the movie.

Now…if we could get one centered around a lead female…

(And, no, Catwoman does not count.)


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