Howlite (No, no silly title this time.)

My fuzzy daughter is back in the vets’ office for another anal prolapse. They’re doing another round of xrays and a bunch of other things, keeping her overnight.

Everyone’s just kind of out of ideas. They’ve tried the purse sutures three times now with no luck. As far as I can tell, she’s had no diarrhea, and I’ve switched her litter to that clear crystal stuff that absorbs instead of clumps her urine so that I could see blood and any other discoloration. There is none.

She’s been exclusively on wet food… I thought maybe she wasn’t drinking enough, but when I pull the skin at the back of her neck it snaps back with no problems. So, she’s not dehydrated.

They’re checking to see if her intestines are kind of like … suctioning themselves out or something. As a multi-layer rectal prolapse instead of just an anal prolapse. (They’ll also see if there’s any other problems, like the hernia which we were putting off getting fixed until we were sure THIS was fixed…)

I don’t know. Last time they told me to wait, since it snapped back in so quickly last time. So I waited two hours. Stayed out. Even seemed to swell. Certainly because she was straining to use the bathroom. But WHY is the question. She and Anisa are in the same boat as far as food and environment goes, and Anisa (knock on wood) isn’t having the same issues.

(Seriously: KNOCK ON WOOD.)

I just want her to be WELL.


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