Random Movie Review: Jesus Henry Christ

Color choice alone let’s you know it’s got a quirky, independent feel to it. Of course the sperm and egg don’t hurt, either.

Another good movie I missed back in 2012! And that came on my awesome movie channel!


Jesus Henry Christ is about a boy named Henry who has an eidetic memory (or close to, he always says he remembers everything he can see, but he does recall some conversations, so apparently it’s hear as well). He was a “test tube baby”, though his mother likes to correct him (and others) by reminding him it was a petri dish.

We see the various ways he’s ostracized by his peers because of his high intelligence, which is partly why the movie revolves somewhat around his search for his father.


What I like most about this movie is that they don’t go all Beautiful Mind on Henry’s character. For all that he’s extremely intelligent, he’s still a kid emotionally. He’s also connected to his mother and not made cold by the story line, as if intelligence and apathy were inevitable bedfellows. 

Plus he’s ADORABLE.


Aside from Henry (played by Jason Spevack) and his mother, Patricia, (played by the fabulous Toni Collette), we meet Henry’s grandfather (played by Frank Moore). Also, Dr. O’Hara (played by Michael Sheen), who is a university professor looking at Henry as a possible test subject for his first book, and Dr. O’Hara’s daughter, Audrey, (played by Samantha Weinstein), who was the subject of his first book. She hates him. Understandably.

She’s got some school-related problems, too. She’s 12. Who didn’t. Of course HER’S are her father’s fault so … Understandable.


This is a movie about normal(ish) people in a normal American city (…as long as you consider Chicago normal). There’s nothing fancy done here. Which, honestly, I found rather refreshing.

Toni’s character, Patricia, has a nicely colorful house. Nothing over-the-top. Nothing really like Stranger than Fiction or 2046, where the color clearly is there to indicate personality as a symbol for it, just that Patricia is the sort of woman to have bold red curtains.

Interesting to note:

Julia Roberts produced it. Not sure that’s interesting. But it’s something to note, I guess.


This was a very enjoyable movie. Simple, perhaps, a boy looking for his father as a way to discover himself and fill a father-shaped hole in his life, but it has a ton of heart. And isn’t there some kind of saying about the simplest stories are the best stories? Or the best stories are simple, or something like that?

If there’s not, there is now.


Great movie. Check it out.


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