So. I was going to the bathroom, as one does from time to time. Bathroom is also where I keep the cats’ bathroom. As I was peeing, I noticed that one of the cat-poops had gotten out of the litter box … as they do from time to time… I also noticed that it looked vaguely tampon shaped.

The more I looked at it the less vague the shape seemed to be.

In fact…

I think my cat ate a tampon.

At first, after coming to that realization, i thought it was silly. But it really did look like I tampon.

I finished my own toilet business, got over the weirdness I felt, and examined the thing.

(Since Howl’s anal prolapse problem developed and I’ve spent a lot of time paying attention to making sure there is no blood in her urine and that her feces is solid, I’ve grown used to this. Also: Howl is back in the hospital for another prolapse. So. Also that.)

Needless to say, a bit of examination has led me to believe that it was PROBABLY a tampon. Even worse? Tampons aren’t all that popular in Thailand, and I don’t use them all that often. In fact almost never. In fact, all the ones I have are in a little bag that I keep on a shelf.

None missing from the bag.

Yesterday I used the first tampon I had used in probably 6 months.

Connect those dots.


Only with a cat. And in the digestive system. (From wikipedia)
In other news: Howlite’s intestines! They tell me everything’s okay, but the anal prolapse that keeps poppin’ out says otherwise.

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