Word’s come down that Edgar Wright has left the Ant-Man film project. This is not cool. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m no Ant-Man fan. I find him to be a bit of an ass. But then, I felt the same way about Iron Man, and look what John Favreau and RDJ did for that. I am … More Ant-Man

Thailand: Coup 2014

Okay. Thai politics … complicated does not even begin to describe the situation at hand right now. But at the very least, it’s necessary to understand that what “military coup” means to an American and what it means to a Thai are very different. Many Thais see this action by the military as something of … More Thailand: Coup 2014

Random Movie Reviews: White House Down

When this came on my movie channel, my first thought was no, I’m not reviewing this again, but then I realized, holy shit, I’ve never reviewed this! How is that possible?! (My first thought was actually, YAY!) Fixing that now. General Dan O’Brein, Senior Editor of, summed it up nicely by saying this is a better Die Hard … More Random Movie Reviews: White House Down