Random Movie Review: Amazing Spider-Man 2

I will start this review by saying: I really liked The Amazing Spider-Man 1. This isn’t really a popular opinion (Rotten Tomatoes gives 1, 73% and 2 is currently at 57%… 2002 Spider-Man has 89%), but it is true. For me, Andrew’s portrayal of Peter/Spider-Man was better than Toby’s Spider-Man, which always felt too stiff.

I liked that there was a Spider-Man movie; I did not like THIS movie.

Toby never seemed comfortable as Spider-Man, which might not have been his fault since every movie had something to do with him losing his powers in some way. How could he be a good Spider-Man when he spent so much time not being Spider-Man?

Not to mention that Kristen Dunst completely lacked MJ’s sexuality.


She might as well be naked.

Does not equal-


So simple; so sexy.

In fact, Emma Stone would make a much better MJ than Kristen, while also playing a damn good Gwen. She could play clones of everyone! (wink wink)

It’s possible that Emma was created by fan-magic that made M.J. a real girl.

Okay. My bias established, let’s get this shit started.


I don’t know about Y’ALL, but I had 30-goddamn-minutes of trailers and commercials. Too long. Thailand always has long trailer/commercial sections. America? What about, y’all?

Every time I see the Godzilla trailer, I want to see it more. It better not let me down. Edge of Tomorrow made me wonder two things: 1) Isn’t Tom Cruise too old now to be a front-line soldier? Wouldn’t he be … like a GENERAL by now? 2) How many times can they reboot Groundhog Day? And it’s another GRITTY reboot, at that. I really want 7500 to just be a giant troll that replays Snakes on a Plane.

General and Plot

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is about Spider-Man being Spider-Man, still. He is, as is typical of all levels of the franchise, both loved and hated by New Yorkers. Another hated, or should we say, ignored New Yorker is Max, played by Jamie Foxx. One day, his life is saved by Spider-Man, and he becomes obsessed in the creepiest way possible. Pictures on walls, mirror made in the shape of his body, talking to him like he’s actually there, the works. Techno-biological accidents happen, and Jamie Foxx, aka Electro,

This guy!

becomes a supervillian who, naturally, hates Spider-Man.

While all this shit is goin’ on, Harry Osborn, son of Oscorp’s original horror-monster (those FINGERNAILS), returns to New York to take over the company. The Amazing Spider-Man 2’s version of Harry – played by Dane DeHaan – is slightly unstable-seeming from the get-go, which makes his eventual mental breakdown more believable than James Franco’s Harry.

When you think about it, Dane’s character (Andrew) in “Chronicle” has some emotional similarities to Harry. I mean, not the premature ejaculation, issues, but … like … … … uhhh, they’re both creepy?

Harry’s dying, slowly, of a genetic disease, and needs Spider-Man’s blood (connected to Peter’s father’s research) to save himself. Things go wrong here, and Harry as Green Goblin teams up with Electro and ACTION HAPPENS.

Actors and Characters

Andrew Garfield is a good Spider-Man. His longer, lankier body type better fits the character

See? …Okay, better fits the OLDER body type.

Not even ripped stunt doubles and CGI can make those modern-Spider-Man thighs (as presented by Amazing Spider-Man #528 cover).

Massive thighs, Ken-doll crotch. Kid needs to lay off the juice.

A lot of Andrew’s success (in MY eyes) is based in dialogue. He likely had little (if anything) to do with writing that, so it’s all in delivery. And I liked the delivery. He was peppy, witty, and funny when it called for it. It’s been a long time since I picked up a Spidey comic (high school), but this movie and Andrew’s reminded me more of the comics and the cartoons than any of the others.

I did want him to stop pressing foreheads with everyone. I get confused when he behaves the same way with Gwen that he does with Aunt May. But, speaking of, I love the scenes with Peter and May. So sweet.

Emma Stone was awesome as Gwen. But she’s just awesome, period.

Jamie Foxx as Max/Electro? Surprisingly good. He played a geeky nutbunny better than I thought he would.


I still don’t understand how the electricity fixed the tooth gap but, whatever. Blue Electro is better than Retro-Electro (haha, it rhymes!), that’s for sure, but he had some Dr. Manhattan moments. (Where did the boxers come from? Does electricity make black boxers?)

Yeah, no hoodie is going to hide the fact that you’re glowing neon blue.

Best movie Jamie Foxx has ever made.

(^That is a lie… probably.)

As previously stated, Dane was a kick ass Harry. Sally Field remained great as Aunt May. She did a good job making me cry, which has always been Aunt May’s primary purpose (for me).


…there is a scene, fairly long, with flashing red and yellow and green lights. It was really powerful. Bright, jumpy, terrifying. Obviously, I came out of it okay, but it’s still worth mentioning. You are warned.


Good. Not perfect. I never believed there was a person flying around the city, or glowing blue and consuming electricity. Didn’t make me hate it. The stunt work, however, was absolutely fantastic. Check the credits; there is long list of people who deserve some … credit. (Hehe, yeeeeaaaaah.)

Interesting to Note

Paul Giamatti plays Aleksei aka Rhino. I’m not sure how I didn’t know this, but it somehow slipped my mind. He’s only Rhino for a tiny amount of time, though.

The mid/end credit scene is from X-Men Days of Future Past. The Sony (Columbia/Marvel) movie giving time to the 21st Century Fox (Marvel) movie. Are we looking at potential for cooperation between various companies to join together for a Marvel Universe-Wide Event?!?! (CIVIL WAR, BITCHES!)


I enjoyed it. I laughed, I cried. I saw it in 2-D, but a lot of the web-flying scenes looked like they would be awesome in 3-D.





I knew it was coming, but it still broke my heart.


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