Random Movie Review: Godzilla

This guy is the star.


See previous post. (Boils down to: flashing lights, beware.)

General Plot

In 1999, a mine collapses in the Philippines. A huge skeleton and two cocoons, basically, are found. In Japan, a nuclear power plant is destroyed, killing the wife of an American scientist living their with their son.

Skip 15 years. The son’s in the military (and he looks, oddly enough, like Kick-Ass with some massive shoulders), he has a wife and child in SanFran. His dad is caught trespassing in the old nuclear reactor site, which has been quarantined. He’s gone a little nutty, sure there’s a conspiracy behind the destruction of the plant.

Son, named Ford, goes to get his father out of jail, who then gets talks into breaking in the plant with him a second time. They go, finding that WOAH there totally is a conspiracy where there’s a giant cocoon being kept.

I don’t really consider it spoilers, but: SPOILERS AHEAD, skip to the next header if you feel the need.

–Cocoon hatches. Mothra-esque thing escapes, kills some folks, heads east towards the US. Enter other monsters. Godzilla fighting monsters. Ford, being primary character and all that shit (and he is), is conveniently everywhere the action is (of course). Movie makes this slightly more believable since he is part of the military and onsite when the thing hatches.

Still pretty bullshit, but yeah.


Did I mention Kick-Ass (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), who played Ford, beefed the hell up for this gig? Because he did. He did. He became an adult between K-A2 and Godzilla. His voice hasn’t changed, though, which I appreciated. I always liked his voice.

He. Did.

His character gets the most focus, but honestly, he doesn’t do all that much acting. He kinda stares at things and runs a lot. His work with wife/son/random kid/father is perfectly acceptable acting, but if I close my eyes and think about him in the film, the only thing I get out of him is staring and running.

Though Ford is the top credit, Dr. Ichiro Sherizawa is our rock. Prologue to Epilogue, he’s there. Ken Watanabe does a good job with the character. He’s not going to win any Oscars, but everyone in my theatre gave a little giggle of joy when he said “Godzilla” for the first time. It was pretty much perfect.

But, he also had a habit of staring at things, dazed.

I GET being dazed, but while you’re dazed, show me GODZILLA.

Bryan Cranston gives the best performance as Ford’s dad. Elisabeth Olsen plays a perfectly acceptable soldier’s-wife-in-disaster pretty well. She’s a nurse and not a stripper, though, if you were hoping to see her in underthings.

ehh? eeeehhh?

David Strathairn plays Admiral something-or-nother. They introduce him like he’s Sean Connery or something, following him from behind he walks around giving orders, then finally turning around to show his face as if I’m supposed to be impressed. I’m not.


Amazing. The frequently shown parachute scene was beautiful. Stunning. I don’t normally do this, but SEE THIS MOVIE IN 3-D. I’m serious about this, it’s completely worth it.


All of the monsters were well done. I would have liked more daylight, full body, fight action They went more along the lines of “make it dark and add some frantic camera movement. Helps sell the image.” -Me

Maybe it was better that way, but I still kept begging for better exposure. They do give it to you, eventually. It’s worth it.

They don’t fight enough, and it takes awhile to get to it, but when they do? It’s worth it.

They tease found-footage reality-tv camera work a few times going POV.


I have issues with Godzilla’s ability to stand, the other monsters’ ability to dive, water depth, etc etc. A lot of “seriously?” in those scenes.

big bullshit moment when people who totally should have died and didn’t. Not questionable. Dead. You would DIE.

Someone who parachutes tell me: They took a LONG time falling before pulling their chutes, and slowed down to a gentle fall really fast.

Interesting to Note:

Godzilla (2014) moved a lot like Godzilla (1954). I’ve not done any research on this, but he still sort of moved like a man in a costume, which was a little touch I enjoyed. The visuals were great, and I wasn’t thrown out of the film by the movement, it was just a hint of nostalgia. Much like the roaring. Some of the fighting was quite Kaiju Big Battle, too. Totally hanging on to that retro flavor in the reboot.


This movie is absurd. It has so many disaster-monster-movie cliches and several absolutely bullshit moments.

But I loved it.



I want to say again: A lot of this movie is BULLSHIT. Like don’t go in expecting this to be realistic or anything. It’s MORE realistic, but that makes other things stand out more…. I know I’m making excuses, but I just want to highlight than I LOVE it despite its flaws.

I ❤ Godzilla


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