Random Movie Review: X-Men Days of Future Past

I’m a bit too lazy to do a super proper me-style review of this movie, so … I’ll add in links and pictures in later. I just want to get my impressions down before I go to sleep.

I’ll start by saying, along with the coup here in Thailand, they closed schools for Friday, so I didn’t have to work. This meant going to a movie in the middle of the day on a “workday,” which is normally awesome … but every school on the island was closed, so there were children EVERYWHERE. When I went to buy my ticket, the ONLY seats available to buy were on the front row. I haven’t watched a movie from the front row since I was … heck, I don’t know. 12?

My point being this movie was PACKED with children. Lots and lots of children.

I mention the children because not too early on you see Logan’s bare ass, and DAMN did they find that hilarious. Also, I had a small family with a five-year-old-looking boy behind me, when the King’s song came on and everyone stood, the dad told his son to stand, and little boy says, “Why? Is this a standing movie?”

I thought that was also very funny. He also, at one point, asked if Mystique was a boy or a girl, because her hair was short. He hasn’t figured out boobs, yet, I guess.


Storm is in this film. There is lightning.


This is a complicated movie, and I admire the risk the filmmakers took in choosing to go with this story line. Yes, by doing it it gives them many more opportunities for the future, but only if this one is successful. I believe it WILL be, no question, but that was something they were betting a lot of money on when they okayed the script.

They also just jump right into it. The initial narration just assumes the mutants are things and I’m Charles Xavier are common knowledge, really only telling you about the war itself. Also impressive in an age of having to relieve Origin stories not just in the first film, but in reboots of the first film and sequels of those when we do it in flashbacks like you need HELP knowing who Spider-Man or Superman are.


Basically what the trailer says. Sentinels have hunted down mutants and human allies, and then killed them or enslaved them or whatever. The world is in shades of brown and gray and black, so you know things are screwed. Characters we’ve seen in previous movies, like Kitty (Shadowcat) and Bobby (Iceman), work with those who are less familiar like Blink and Bishop, working as a resistance, fighting the Sentinels, and sometimes dying. A plan is made to send Logan’s consciousness back into time to stop the one action Charles and Erik deem responsible for the war.

Logan goes. and the first thing we see is a lava lamp, so we know he’s back in the day. He, Charles, and Hank (Beast), Erik and a few others (Like Peter, aka Quicksilver…) run around 1970s D.C. and Paris, in hopes of stopping Trask, an American scientist, from creating Sentinels, and especially ones that have Mystique’s transformation skills.


They do a great job, all of them. And all the usual characters do their usual best, so no real need to focus on them.

Due to the fact that I was in a theatre stuffed with giggling children, Quicksilver/Peter was easily my favorite of the new cast, and Evan Peters did a fantastic job with the character. Irreverent, cocky, fun. The almost throwaway line “My mom knew someone like that once” (paraphrased as close as I can remember it), was well placed. I kinda wondered how they would play that, but it went okay, I think.

Peter (what the HECK is with all the Peters?) Dinklage made a great Trask. He should really keep the mustache, it looks good on him. When he went all fanatic talking about needing brain tissue and bone marrow and whatever, he didn’t go over the top.

I’m not sure why I’m more impressed that Mark Camacho looked like Nixon than Jennifer Lawrence looked like Mystique.

Not Nixon, but he can look like it.


Beautiful. There’s a clear (and easy) definition between War World and 70s World. Doing a bad-times dark, before-bad-times light division is hardly new, but both sides of time are lovely to look at. Had the whole movie been set in the Sentinel war, it would have been a movie with fantastic visuals, the “past” half looked like X-Men First Class plus a decade.

All the powers were well done. The most obvious — outside of Erik’s metal manipulation, Mistique’s transformation, and Wolverine’s claws, which this crew has down to a science by now — would be Colossus, Iceman, Pyro, and Blink. We saw early stages of the first three in X3 and they’re better here. Blink’s power, creating portals, was awesome.

On the other hand, Bishop looked a bit too Extremis (Iron Man 3 and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), and the 70s Sentinels looked like the Hammer Drones from Iron Man 3, while the Future Sentinels looked like Loki’s Destroyer from Thor. Not that big of a deal, since they’re all Marvel properties, but at the same time, they’re different characters from a sort of separate universe … you know, except for when they’re not (comics are complicated).

Interesting to Note


Logan’s ass.

Logan’s adamantium claws.

Changing the future by changing the past means we’ve retconned EVERYTHING except X-Men First Class. Next movie should be interesting. Wonder what that does for that stereotype of the third movie in a trilogy being a stinker. The next would be the third of this run, but in time line, it would be closer to the fourth, but then also movie 5, but also 2 in terms of timelining. I love time travel fiction. (not sarcasm).


It was good. There are tons of points where I just want to smack people upside the head because there are easier answers here (uh, do what was done with Senator Kelly, replace him with Mystique, or have Charles take him over and change his mind, erasing the idea of Sentinels), but that’s generally the way it is with stories involving supernatural powers or time travel, and this one has both. That being the case, it was really good. I’m very interested to see more of Quicksilver.

Both Quicksilvers. (Lookin’ at you, Joss.)


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