Random Movie Review: 22 Jump Street

This is another quickie, as I am about to crash hard, here. 

This is the movie. The poster for the movie. An image of the poster for the movie.
This is the movie. The poster for the movie. An image of the poster for the movie.

General: I’m one of those people who enjoys a call-back joke. When they make a joke about an office looking like a cube of ice, I laughed. When Channing Tatum suggests going to do secret service for the president at the White House, I nearly died. 


All the “the second time always sucks” jokes were funny. Basically, what I’m saying here is that they rolled with the fact that 22 Jump Street is one of many unnecessary sequels. And succeeded in that rolling. 

Plot: Exact same thing as 21 Jump Street. But in college. 

Epilepsy: Gunfire. LOTS and LOTS of gunfire.

ActingGood. The funny people were properly funny. The not funny people were properly not. The “old” jokes did get a bit “old” … (see what I did there? dude, I’m so brilliant…)

Visuals: They trip a bit on the drug they’re dealing with, and that was really interestingly done. There’s a lot of split screen stuff that they play with and is fun, for all that it isn’t super crazy to do. Chase scenes were … acceptable. In that they were fun as hell, but TOTALLY unbelievable. Not even close to believable. 

Interesting to noteThe epilogue part was pretty cool, visually and comedicly (<-this is a word, now). 

Ice Cube’s buffet freak out KILLED in my theatre. Some of the pop-culture related, Amero-centric (<-also a word) stuff was lost on my Thai and other EFL theatre companions, but everyone loves to watch a man freak out over his daughter, apparently. 

All-in-all: I actually preferred it to 21 Jump Street. I enjoyed my time watching it, and could easily see myself watching it multiple times in the future. BUT there is some concern that it won’t be quite as funny as it was with three high-school-age boys next to me.  


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