Stupid idealism

Today, I decided to take a Mexican Food Adventure. Recently, I go to The Mexican, which is a restaurant (new as of June) in Patong. Pretty easy to get to on the Phuket-Patong bus, and the prices aren’t too bad. However, there is another Mexican restaurant, Sala Mexicali, which is a bit older… but I … More Stupid idealism

Random Movie Review: Interstellar

Been awhile. Not in the mood to talk about it. Let’s talk about this, instead. I know jack about physics, practical or theoretical, that I wasn’t taught by Madeline L’Engle and my shitty, possibly pedophililic, high school science teacher. Luckily, that works out just fine here, because¬†Interstellar is basically just an adult adaptation of¬†A Wrinkle … More Random Movie Review: Interstellar