Random Movie Review: Interstellar

Been awhile. Not in the mood to talk about it. Let’s talk about this, instead.


I know jack about physics, practical or theoretical, that I wasn’t taught by Madeline L’Engle and my shitty, possibly pedophililic, high school science teacher. Luckily, that works out just fine here, because Interstellar is basically just an adult adaptation of A Wrinkle in Time.

Okay, not a DIRECT adaptation, but trust me on this.
Okay, not a DIRECT adaptation, but trust me on this.

Controversial (probably) opinion (fact)

Sure, they demonstrate a wormhole with paper instead of a tesseract with cloth, but it’s the same basic shit. And sure, they’re missing oxygen mask flowers and fifth-dimensional fairy god mothers (spoiler alert: kiiiiiiiiiiiiiinda) and blind aliens named Aunt Beast, and that evil brain thing, but essentially it’s the same story ‘sept Interstellar is from dad’s POV and Wrinkle in Time was from daughter’s.

This is completely true. No matter what you believe or anyone tells you, Nolan was OBVIOUSLY making a modern, slightly (spoiler alert: slightly) less fantastical Wrinkle in Time.


Not much in the way of CGI, but it was absolutely brilliant to watch. I watched regular, no IMAX or anything, but even so the space/landscape shots were lovely and epic.

The 5th dimension looks like bismuth. I love you, Nolan and whoever came up with that (uh, physics? I mean, you can’t REALLY visualize the 5th dimension in 3-D, right, so… that had to be an artistic choice…)

Great choice
Great choice


To go over each, I think, would give away more than I’d want to reveal before anyone saw. But, as a general overview: The father/daughter relationship had me crying almost the whole time. I’m not ashamed to admit I have certain “daddy” issues in that my dad and I are a lot alike in personality though very different in opinion, which makes us clash far more frequently than me and mom (I honestly can’t remember ever clashing with mom, actually … she and I get along super well…she’s basically my best friend). But god I love him to pieces. When I was little, he used to work away during the week, Monday to Thursday and come home Thursday night, often after I’d gone to bed.

I can’t imagine what it would be to have him leave when I was 10 with no idea when he’d come home.

The son and grandfather made very little impression on me. They were just kinda there. The important relationship was obviously between Cooper (dad) and Murph (daughter, named after Murphy’s law, which is super lame, btw).

Fellow astronauts and others were all cool.

I did not expect humorous robot sidekicks, but they exist and I found them to be delightful.

"Knock knock..."
“Knock knock…”


Not something I often talk about, but: BOOO. Worst part about this was the weird audio choices. There were some scenes that had “epic” or “impending event of importance” audio cues to things that never became epic or shocking… very annoying. Like that jump-scare boom without the jump scare.


Near the end there’s quite a bit of flashing lights, and there’s some spinning and other visual freakishness in other parts. Sound during these times is also a bit erratic. I had an aura earlier in the day (very slight, but I’d already bought my ticket, and I’m a moron), so I still went. No seizure (yet, the day isn’t quite done), but I’m not you.

Go with caution.

All in All

Best book adaptation in years.


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