Random Movie Review: The Machine Girl

First and foremost, I do like myself a good Japanese gorefest. Wild Zero is by far my favorite zombie movie… my favorite alien movie, too, I guess. Probably.

And rock film... because Guitar Wolf is life.
And rock film… because Guitar Wolf is life.

This is the style of film, sometimes called grind house, that Quentin Tarantino fancied up to make the Kill Bill movies, but fancied up is not the way these movies shine. These movies shine with foam weapons and tempura fried limbs.

And with that. Here we go.

The best modern cinema has to offer, though few will admit it.
The best modern cinema has to offer, though few will admit it.

General and Plot (or general plot, whateves):

So, this kid Yu and his friend Takashi get “in debt” to the local yakuza brat. I figure “in debt” is bullshit and the kid is just bullying. Yu and his sister are orphans after their dad killed himself in shame after being framed for murder. They have sort of taken a vow of non-violence, but Yu has become angry with all the bullying and has made an “I want to kill” diary.

The yakuza brat bullies Yu amd Takashi to the point where they die. Ami, the sister, tosses that vow of non-violence out the window and goes around taking out the gang one by one. The yakuza boss at one point cuts off her arm, Takashi’s parents stitch her up and make her a machine gun arm.

Then there’s more revenge and blood and stuff.


It’s fine. It is what it is, and you either accept that or you don’t. Meaning it’s pretty bullshit, but that is what it is supposed to be. It’s not meant to be anything Shawshank-y. If it’s not over the top, it’s not the crazy it needs to be to fulfill the absurdity of the genre. I watched it dubbed. I’ve seen worse dubs, though this is in no way good. But you watch enough Thai dubs and any English dub is going to seem a little better.

Takashi’s mom is played by a porn actress, Asami. The way she’s revealed in the movie suggests this might be well known, but I learned it from her IMDB page. Minase Yashiro, who plays Ami, the titular Machine Girl, is also a Kamen Rider! I’m sure that made a lot of the crazy crap she had to do for this movie a lot easier. And visa versa.


Maybe this was supposed to be in 3D at some point? Because the ninja stars are thrown like that is the case.

Ami’s machine gun arm is quite clearly made of foam at several points. When she rolls or jumps it bends.

There is a LOT of blood. It’s one of the best examples of the blood spurt I’ve seen in awhile. Course, I haven’t watched one of these since I’ve moved here, so this is not at all surprising.

It also plays with a lot of what I consider to be anime/manga visuals. The little punk brat wears a leopard print jacket with a white-fur-ish collar, which is (to me) straight from Laxus of Fairy Tail as well as a few other places. It screams entitled punk. Not sure where it originates, but as a manga fan, it was familiar to me.

Interesting to Note: (And epilepsy)

That tempura thing wasn’t just a playful joke.


Not even the most bullshit thing on offer.

The drill bra is also my epilepsy notice. Seriously. Epileptic? Be careful of the drill bra scene.
The drill bra is also my epilepsy notice. Seriously. Epileptic? Be careful of the drill bra scene.

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