Food for Thanks

Tonight I took two of the women who helped me during my seizure last week to dinner. We went to a little shabu shabu restaurant, one with individual pots, which is a pretty good way to sort of meet someone.

It was me, my friend, and the two women, and I think we had a good time. They were both rather babying of me, actually, which was rather sweet. Almost grabbing my elbows to help me up a step, haha! But I was glad I took the time and made the effort. Most of the seizures I’ve had have been around people I know and who know me. The one real exception would be the one in Seattle, and though there were many strangers there, so was my then-boyfriend. I’ve never experienced a blackout where I was surrounded by no one but strangers. I was so lucky to be in a position where two of those strangers were very good people.

They told me that I managed to get my arm up to shield my face, which is no surprise considering the massive gash on my elbow. They tried to catch me, but they did not make it in time. Which isn’t surprising, since they would have been on the other side of the street. The people in the gold shop, who WERE on the same side of the street, didn’t try to catch me … but then, who could blame them?! That seems like totally a Hollywood setup  for a heist detraction! Go out to save the girl while some guy sneaks in the back and steals all your gold!

They are good people. Good people with cats. I’m glad I met them.

Thank you, good people!


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