Why January and I are no longer buddies

If you keep up with me (and I do not expect you to), you’ll know me and January, we don’t exactly get on. We didn’t exactly have the best 2014, what with Howl’s anal prolaspes, but then, she was having those in lots of months, so I can hardly blame those on January alone.

And it’s not that I HATE January or anything. But we’ve never really been close, you know. It’s just that, traditionally, it’s a heavy seizure month for me. Lots of possible reasons behind this – new year’s stress, new semester stress …. I had a much longer list in my head, but Anisa just chased Howlite and they jumped using my chest as a leaping point and holy crap that hurt a lot.

I am the setting of an epic battle
I am the setting of an epic battle

Moving on.

Just moving on in general. My point being that January is being incredibly annoying this year. We start out with one of the worst seizures I’ve had since 2009. One of a handful to land me in an emergency room (though this usually has more to do with how freaked out bystanders are than how severe my condition is, honestly).

Perfectly normal.
Perfectly normal.

Of course, this has led to new doctors, medication changes, dosage changes, etc. None of which I disagree with, but all of which is stressful and generally annoying when you’re already busy with life.

And life is already busy.

About, oh, almost two years ago, I had a seizure that broke my two front teeth. Not completely, just chipped them pretty bad. Instead of replacing, they filled and that was it. No problems. A few weeks later, I bit down on something weird, they cracked, they fixed, the dentist said if they did it again we’d do crowns instead (and I told him no thanks I can’t afford that crap), and on we went with our lives.

Flash back to a few weeks ago. This would actually still be December. December 29th. I had a wisdom tooth come in. I had it removed. No problem there, either. Pretty simple thing. It’s the second one I’ve done since moving here. Some issues with removing the stitches, though. Because they were closed over the holidays, and I bled a little more than I was supposed to, we had to do more stitching. Meaning, I had to visit the dentist more for that wisdom tooth than I should have. That had BARELY healed when I cracked that stupid front tooth again! January 19th. Remember it like it was yesterday. Paint it back up. Send me back out.

It broke again, today.

So. Crowns. Crowns for both of the front teeth, because they’re both filling anyway, and what the fuck? What is debt, anyhow? I mean, money is just money, and eventually that stupid other tooth was probably going to break and I’d just be going right back and it’s better just to pay for the one sitting fee and not the two and the GOOD HOLY CRAP WHEN THE SHIT IS IT GOING TO BE FEBRUARY ALREADY?!


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