Medical Marijuana

I’ve never once taken a non-medical drug (unless you count alcohol, and I can understand how you would), but if they make medical marijuana legal across the US – thus getting to what this post is prompted by, a HuffPo article on two House bills that would end up legalizing marijuana nationwide, ending this state-by-state stuff – and it’s proven effective for my form of epilepsy I might very well weep a river of tears among the stars in the sky and cross the vast distance between Thailand and my old homeland.

Granted, yes, it might not work. It might only make a few people better. It might be a placebo. It might make some people worse. It might have severe side effects (what medication doesn’t … how many of y’all epileptics got the whole suicidal coin flip on Depakote like me and my friend, because holy cow, that was fun. Almost dying. Or the actually having more seizures on Keppra, because hahahaha, how fucking hilarious is that?!), sure, but my point is TRY it. Put it through scores of human trials. (To my knowledge, there is currently one human trial for medical mj, children’s epilepsy, in Colorado, it began in 2014 and the study will end in 2016) It might not work. I get that.

But if it does? If it actually works, just make it legal everywhere. Go to YouTube and watch any video of children or adults having seizures, like this video of a young boy named Luke having a tonic clonic seizure before an EEG:

If there’s something that can be done to help boys like him… well why not do it. Yeah, it’s selfish, because everything that happens to Luke happens to me, too, but I’d like to think that I’d STILL care about Luke, even if I weren’t also epileptic. Since I don’t happen to be an awful person. I’d like to think most people aren’t awful people (despite the way the world sometimes presents itself).

So. World. Do us a solid, eh? Make this a thing.

I have no desire to break the law. I have always been a “good girl” and have never really wanted to break the rules. I have no desire to smoke anything. Please, put it in pill form. I love brownies, but I want the dosage regulated. I want medication. I’m not looking to get high. I love The Big Lebowski as much as the next lady, maybe more,

...that's just, like, your opinion, man...
…that’s just, like, your opinion, man…

but this isn’t about pot. This is about health.

I want to be well. I just want to feel safe in my own head. I want that for everyone.


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