March is Marchin’ in like a donkey…

So, yeah. Remember January? Apparently, March thought January was hilarious. March was all, “Ha, that sounds like FUN! Let’s screw with her, too!”

Not even a full week in, and my computer is down. Well, not the whole thing. Just the screen. Or what seems like just the screen. Granted, it’s 4 years old and I’ve been babying it the last year, replacing the hard drive and taking it apart to carefully hand clean the fan (overheating problems, what killed the hard drive).

Now, I did the 30, 1, 2, thing. No dice. It was getting power, no problem. Checked the connection. Nope. The fan was running and the hard drive spinning. Last things are RAM or motherboard. Tried just moving the RAM to the other slot, and that wasn’t it. Still, it could be the stick itself. I’m still going “please RAM, PLEASE RAM!” The guy at the computer repair shop is going yeah, RAM or motherboard … but having bought and tried new RAM… nope.

Nope. It’s not really worth the cost of a new motherboard, really, is the problem. For a new motherboard I can ALMOST buy a new computer. Well, a new last-year’s-model computer, which is fine. I buy ’em blank, no windows, so they’re a little cheaper that way. But the thing is, I really really can’t afford a new computer. But I do need a full size laptop for work stuff. I’m on my 7 year old ASUS netbook right now (which I’ve also babied and kept running with lots of crying and yelling and hand cleaning, hahaha). Text documents are fine on this, but things like spreadsheets and slide presentations need larger screens to really layout.

I’ve got friends in the IT department at work who are helping me out, which is wonderful, and I’m so lucky to have them, but it would be so much better if this just weren’t happening at all.

Come on, March. Don’t do this to me. Don’t be a jerk. You’re only month three. Two of three months being awful to me … that’s just a little harsh, don’t you think?

(On the plus side, I’m 7 weeks seizure free!)


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