March to April – Careful in Showers

As we roll into April, it is one month until I travel to the US. It’s been two years since I’ve visited my family, and I find myself excited. Of course, anyone with epilepsy knows, excited could very well be dangerous!

Having made it another month without a seizure – FREAKING YAY! – I’d like to keep that trend going. Because, though I’ve been seizure free for another month, it hasn’t been a month without worry of seizures. I’ve felt awkward. I’ve felt harried. I’ve felt frightened and pressured and haunted by flashbacks and “what ifs”. But at the end of it I can say I made it through. I survived the maze of twitchy turns and tunnels that were the days and nights of March, making it successfully into April.


What is this optimistic BS you're spouting? Are you on something weird?
What is this optimistic BS you’re spouting? Are you on something weird?

ANYWAY. My point being (did I have a point? I’m pretty sure I had a point…), I think I’m doing okay again. Or still, I mean. Not that I’m not being careful. Because I am. Eating, sleeping, taking my pills. Showering when rested, and making sure not to trip over cats when the floor is wet.

Please. If I wanted you dead, you'd be dead. I just can't be bothered.
Please. If I wanted you dead, you’d be dead. I just can’t be bothered.

Luckily my cats love me and would never hurt me in any way.


Next week is Songkran, Thai New Year. Everyone’s favorite (my favorite) holiday, and I hope it’s as great one. Then after Songkran I have to spend sometime with my boss conducting interviews and before I know it, it’ll be May 1st. Flyin’ day. America day.

Excited and terrified. I hate the plane ride, I’ll miss my cats (one whole month! my babies!), and since my brother’s spending some time with my parents right now between apartments… for one month, the whole family’s going to be in the same house.

How weird is that? It’s been something like a decade since we were all in that house together. Going to be odd, for sure.

Last time I was in the US, this blog had barely started, and I think the only thing I did was talk about Iron Man 3 (which I still love, and no one can take that from me) and 42. I’ll try to do better this time. I shouldn’t make any promises though, since my personal-private writing has taken me away from the blog a bit more than normal.

(Failing at writing fiction is depressing, by the way. But if you feel it, you keep doing it! Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you could just stop? But it’s impossible to turn off. Ah well, it’s enjoyable, even when you’re rejected.)

I hope all of you had a great March, and will have an even better April. I hope all of my epileptic readers are doing well, and (seizures or no seizures) are feeling as good as it is possible to feel and know that my thoughts are with you. Because goodness knows I’m right there with you. You know. In spirit.

Go love and kindness! Yay!

No. Seriously. What's wrong with you? This is way too sappy.
No. Seriously. What’s wrong with you? This is way too sappy.

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