Random Movie Review: Ant-Man

I’ve had a stupid, stupid day where so, OH so many things went wrong and bad. I went to the movie late, because the movie was all I had, and it’s even later now… this is going to be a quick and dirty one, y’all. Quick. Dirty. Done.


Marvel superhero movie. This dude can shrink. He’s actually the second dude who can shrink. I tried to make this simple at first, but it’s really not, it’s very complicated.

Unless you already know, then it's very simple! Like all things!
Unless you already know, as a fan, or having read any of a billion other reviews, then it’s very simple!

There are actually, in the comics, three Ant-Man men, not to mention whoever else in whatever suit at whatever time, so in this case let’s try and just look at THIS movie. There’s OLD, ORIGINAL Ant-Man (Hank Pym) who seemingly retired in the 1980’s and was likely part of the post-SSR Agent Carter/Howard Stark era S.H.I.E.L.D., who – in the modern day – recruits a YOUNG man (Scott Lang) to become a NEW Ant-Man.

Hank’s got a daughter, Hope who plays a part. Scott has a daughter Cassie, who plays a part. There is some sort of fancy word for that. I’m pretty sure I know it. I remember getting a degree in something about words, and … something … something. Sometime.

(As an aside, using legacy characters like this is exactly why it is possible for us to – instead of having another high-school age Spiderman – introduce one of half a dozen other characters from the Spider Family. Take Miles. Take Woman. Take Gwen. Take Ham. I don’t care. Ah well. At least Marvel’s got him this time.)

Plot conflict = Bad Guy (Is He Bad Or Just Crazy?) Use Science For Bad Thing + HYDRA.


(I feel like I could be super clever here and change the font size a lot, but that would take up way more energy than I possess at the moment. I think I might have just fallen asleep a bit….)


Some ants target electric stuff. Ants do this shit in real life.

Like to my cell phone charger. Little bastards.
Like to my cell phone charger. Little bastards.

Of course, these do some massive lightning stuff, very fancy, lots of shocking. The surrounding area is brightly lit, so it’s not a very strong strobe effect, but it is there.

Acting and Characters:

There are some.

Like these.
Like these. There are more on IMDB’s Ant-Man page

I’m not sure if Luis is an Edgar Wright hold over, or not, but of everything in the movie, he most feels like it. He’s fantastic. I feel like everyone has a Luis in their life, the story-telling friend, slightly annoying, the one who is lovable, but sometimes only sort-of lovable and sometimes not at all lovable. The visuals and style around his scenes were also slightly different than around the others, which make me think they were EW work, too.

Good things to keep.

If this was the case, I think it was well done. Marvel action and Marvel main character/main villain means it fits really well with the general MCU. HOWEVER, pulling in  a little flavor from other places gives the MOVIE character to make it better than JUST a Marvel movie.

I’m a Shane Black fan (how many times will I say that, I wonder, in this blog), and that’s what he was going for in IM3, and while it worked okay for me, it didn’t work so well for most other people. Maybe it went better, here? I don’t know.

(Oh, god, I’m so freaking tired.)


Really, really good, and lots of it. There are shit tons of ants doing things on command. And like, there’s a little guy riding an ant. And a little spot punching dudes. And then I guess I should go back up to the acting section and say “WOW! PEOPLE CAN FAKE BEING PUNCHED REALLY WELL!” because, wow can they!

The opening scene is Peggy Carter, Hank Pym, some dude, and Howard Stark (Iron Man 2 Stark, not Agent Carter Stark…technically I know both their names, also technically, I’m lying down barely able to lift my fingers…can’t remember and I’m not opening a tab) in the 1980s. ALL of these people are the wrong age for what they SHOULD be in this scene. They make the men younger, in Pym’s case, a good deal younger, and Peggy Carter older. And it is REALLY well done.

Screw the flying ant show and the explosions and the giant Thomas the Tank whatever, that impressed me more than anything.

Interesting to Note:

Hands down, Stan Lee’s best cameo to date. No question.


I loved Luis and Cassie, man. I really did. I even loved Antony. I’m really glad they gave Edgar equal billing, and even if it isn’t the movie he would have made, I hope he isn’t too unhappy (though goodness knows having your passion project stripped from you after a decade probably hurts like fuck, so … yeah).

I’m super glad it isn’t bad. I’m super glad it’s going to make tons of money and keep everything going. Go see it.


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