Random Movie Review: Ant-Man – Continued

So. Having slept… and watched a YouTube video I disagree with:

Here is a tiny add to my previous review. (A version of this addition is also a comment on that video, because I have problems keeping my opinion to myself. Or, another view of that, I don’t mind sharing my opinions with others!)

I thought using an older Hank was a clever way to establish a history of different people carrying the mantle of one hero as we’re about to enter a period of beloved characters going through that switch. At the very least, Captain America is likely to be replaced. No matter if it’s Sam or Bucky who takes the shield, it might be a blow to people unfamiliar with the history of the comics. It’s possible that the two Ant-Mans softens the ground for the change somewhat.

As for the story being slow, in my opinion (which is, by far, the most important of opinions) the pacing was better than a good number of Marvel films (and certainly better than it had any right to be with all of the chopping it likely underwent) The story also flowed better than most marvel movies, I thought. Both of  these happened for the same reason: Ant-Man stuck with a single goal, and knew that goal from early on. Take down Yellowjacket. From early on, Hank knew who he wanted for the job; Hank knew how he wanted it done. The story was just “Get Scott; Train Scott; Take Down YJ.”

Much as I love Iron Man, it goes like five different directions, and the climax seems to come from nowhere. Ant-Man has a natural build to it. Much as I love Avengers, it has serious lag for bickering between characters. Ant-Man has the training and the family drama, which all work to building the character and climax, nothing really left behind or side info. It didn’t feel like it had any wasted time.

It also had the best Stan Lee cameo.
Only thing that can beat it.
Only thing that can beat it.

Seriously. He’s in his 90s. Closer to 100 with every movie. He’s only got so many more in him.


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