Cat Food Dish Murder Plots, Epilepsy, and Hope.

Is it possible that after all these years, I might be epilepticlly stable?

I believe… I don’t want to be overly optimistic, because I’m cautious when it comes to this sort of thing, but maybe… Here’s the story:

I came home, and prepared to feed my cats. Two cats; two food dishes. One dish was where it belonged, one was not. It had been moved next to the bathroom door (intentionally or not, you decide). I bent down to pick it up, stood up, and knocked the crown of my head directly into the door frame. HARD. I had stood up while stepping forward. I have little justification for doing this outside of the fact that it was dark, and I’ve been sick, so a bit woozy. I didn’t really mean to move that far forward.

But I did. And I hit that door frame hard enough to feel it in my jaw. Hurts like a bitch.

First thought: OW. Second thought: God, I didn’t break my teeth again did I? Third thought: Holy shit, I’m still standing up and in my right mind!

I’ve felt icky for two days. I’ve vomited a few times. My meals have been small, and far between. I JUST HIT THE CRAP OUT OF MY HEAD. And outside of the likely bruise? I feel fine.

Now, I’m not stupid. (Okay, I’m not completely stupid… stupidly clumsy, I’ll allow.) I’m going to sit in bed and be careful for the rest of the night, go to sleep early, not push anything (all of which I was probably going to do anyway because: sick), but STILL.

My take away from this is that I think I might be doing okay. That I might truly be stable, like I’ve never been since my diagnosis, or even before then, since my first fainting spells/drop attacks at age 11. And it’s alarming, but wonderful.


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