Random Movie (Trailer) Review – Star Wars: The Force Awakens #3

Not much I can say that hasn’t already been said, but I really wanted to say things anyhow!!! Leia’s in this one!!!!


Her face is in it, and she talks about “you” needing to let the force in. LET THE FORCE IN, YOU! PRINCESS LEIA COMMANDS IT!

I have Princess Leia issues. Actually, I literally have issues, I suppose, of the Princess Leia comic, hahaha, but I also have issues. I love her. She’s fantastic. And I want to know what it is that’s making her cry.

A lot of people – myself included – thought Rey was a Skywalker … but if she were a Skywalker, I don’t think she’d need to ask Han (and not in that tone of voice) if the stories about the past, the Force, were true. It was only 30 years ago. If it were her parents in a huge war? I feel like she wouldn’t need to ask that sort of question. (I guess if it’s a “seriously, that BS you used to tell me when I was a kid was TRUE?!” but that wasn’t the feeling… but then, there’s not really any context… COULD BE ANYTHING!) So if that’s the case, she’s probably not a Skywalker. Which means, if one of the big players is, then it’s probably Kylo Ren… going back to some of the old EU/Legends now when one of the kids goes Dark. Exciting stuff!

Or maybe Rey’s a Skywalker and Han ran out on his family and Leah shipped her off because that’s what you do with Skywalker kids. I guess. EITHER/OR!

Knights of Ren look amazingly badass. The Rebels, who aren’t rebels, look also amazingly badass! All of the action: Bad ass. Costuming: Bad ass. Sets: Bad ass. Music: Bad ass. EVERYTHING IS BAD ASS.

I’m losing my mind, here. You can’t prebuy tickets in Thailand like you can in other places, at least not that I’ve been able to find, so I think I may have to go crazy on some folks. Because I HAVE to see this opening day. I was too young (read “unborn”) to catch the originals when they first came out in theatres, but I caught the re-rereleases (and complained about those damn dinosaur things and storm troopers walking in front of the camera and stupid stepping on Jabba bullshit, I think I was all of 9, can’t remember, don’t feel like counting numbers and looking up dates) and openings on all of the prequels. Even though they broke my heart.

Star Wars III. You broke my damn heart. I know everyone talks crap on the others, but you are the one I hate most of all. YOU, Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith. You.

In other news, Jet Pens has a notebook collection for Star Wars, and I TOTALLY bought the Star Wars Princess Leia and Daddy Vader one two weeks ago. Mom’s shipped it to me, and it’ll be a few weeks, but it’ll be in my hands soon! I’ll post pictures!!!

It's super adorable. And may sometimes feel emotionally fitting... Daddy and I don't really fight, but we're both very stubborn, lol. He doesn't force choke people though. That I know about.
It’s super adorable. And may sometimes feel emotionally fitting… Daddy and I don’t really fight, but we’re both very stubborn, lol. He doesn’t force choke people though. That I know about.

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