Random Movie (Netflix) (Trailer) Review: Jessica Jones

So. This is one I’ve been looking forward to for a long while now.

Not sure if you’re up on Alias the comic, or Jessica Jones the character… and if you’re not, I’m not going to spoil you. Those links are for the wiki. Click at your own risk. I’m just here to tell you that I’m MAD excited. That the trailer seems to really fit the tone of the comic. That the acting looks solid. That the music is still creepy as hell. That Tennat is going to give me nightmares as Purple Man (again, not spoiling anymore than I already have in previous posts). Also, Luke Cage. I love Luke Cage!

Just snitched from Wikipedia - Promotional art for cover of Alias #23 Art by David Mack and Mark Bagley
Just snitched from Wikipedia –
Promotional art for cover of Alias #23
Art by David Mack and Mark Bagley

I have concerns because of characters, important characters, in the comic not being available to Marvel due to licensing. One in particular, and I do not know how they are going to fix it, and I cannot wait to find out. I think it’s going to take some clever writing, because there’s not a character in the MCU, yet, who can really replace the missing one… I don’t think. Have to be SHIELD science, I guess, but I’m not sure if they’re pulling in street-level SHIELD like that. Interesting to see. In any event, movies, regular TV, and Netflix haven’t crossed in anything except mentioning stuff.


This will be a straight-through watch for me, just like Daredevil, but if it is on par with the previous Netflix series, I probably won’t even manage to get up for food. I like Jessica that much.

(Sorry for all the comic stuff recently! With Secret Wars, the new Marvel releases, Jessica, and people pissing me off – haha! – I’ve been a bit preoccupied. And there hasn’t been anything in theatres long enough for me to get to it since work’s been crazy as hell, plus the haze, plus just life being hectic … but not at all interesting enough to talk about! Maybe something fun will happen soon. Fun. Interesting and FUN, not interesting and horrible, life. Don’t want to jinx myself…)


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