Adventures in Cat Parenting

Today was Howlite and Anisa’s yearly checkup/vaccination date. I’m lucky in that my cats are fairly easy to get into their baskets. Howlite seems to have formed some sort of Stockholm syndrome connection to hers after months of going to the vet day after day for her kidney and bladder issues a few years ago, and Anisa’s only been a handful of times over the course of her life that she doesn’t really understand the meaning of the baskets.

Add to that, there’s no real place to hide in my apartment (I live in a studio), and my cats have a few predictable behaviors that are useful for catching (Anisa’s territorial-ness over her sunny seat, Howlite coming as soon as she thinks food might be on offer, both of them being unable to let me go to the bathroom alone) mean I’m pretty much guaranteed an easy time with that aspect of the trip.

Howlite’s generally quiet. She shivers a bit, but she’s quiet. She sits. Sometimes she looks out the window. Sometimes she sits on the floorboard, because I’ll let her out of her box. Good kitties are rewarded for good behavior.

Anisa, however, is a screamer.

Tiny body; giant voice
Tiny body; giant voice

She screams SUPER loud! I had to ask my landlord to open the back gate/door to my apartment so that I wouldn’t have to bring her through the front door, which lets out into our cafe area because … well, technically they made an exception for me, letting me have the cats. Pretty much everyone knows I have them, but it’s one thing that everyone knows, and it’s another to have me bring Anisa screaming like a banshee through the middle of Saturday brunch! So I asked and he laughed and said just to call him, no problem.

She screamed the whole way in. We went with my Friend and her two cats, Spit and Yoda (who happen to be Anisa’s brothers!). Spit sounds just like Ani, but a tiny bit quiter. Yoda wasn’t very loud at all. Howlite maybe meowed three or four times the whole two hours.

Shots took all of 10 minutes for all four cats. Would have been a much quicker trip if not for the traffic (and our vet is a bit away… we pass vets to get to our vet… they’re great people, and reasonably priced).

Coming back into my apartment, I was so glad that my neighbor RUNS that cafe. She wasn’t there to hear Anisa scream while I unlocked the door. Very exciting day! Glad to be home.


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