Totally Awesome Hulk #1

So… ha! That wasn’t exactly what I expected. I’m not entirely sure WHAT I expected, but… no. I have no clue. But what I do know is that Totally Awesome Hulk #1 was really damn funny.

A quick background, we don’t know exactly what happened to Banner,  I mean we have a big clue, we saw the run up, and we can make guesses, buuuut…

We don’t know why exactly Cho’s a Hulk. But we do know he’s a 19 year old boy genius Hulk… which means he’s a cocky little shit. Luckily he’s written as a hilariously cocky little shit and not an annoyingly cocky little shit. At least in my opinion. But it’s certainly the sort of thing that’s going to bite him in the ass when it comes to his Hulk, which he thinks he has under his control, which obviously he won’t… not 100%. Cuz Hulk-Hulks don’t work like that.

Right now, it looks like he turns into a BIT of a lady’s man when he Hulks, not quite a Bro, but getting there. Though he tells his sister at one point, “Did you see (her), I think some of those instincts were mine” (paraphrased)… so, it might be hard to say. He is a 19 year old boy, after all.

He also made corner-of-the-mouth jabs at She-Hulk about looking/sounding 40. Which made me laugh because ooooh, that’s going to bite him in the ass, too.

Also, the turtle monster? Super adorbs.

totally awesome hulk
Imagine that “Thumbs Up” bubble has a 30 year-old white woman in it… I’m too damn lazy to use Gimp right now. And by “lazy” I mean shit at photostuff. CHECK THIS BOOK OUT!

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