Before I see Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Not a Review, Not a Spoiler)

There was lots of drama before I bought my tickets… in that Thai dub tickets have been available at my local theatre for a week, with no English language tickets in sight. I freaked out on my area facebook group, and – though several of us were at work – it turned out that one of our number actually worked AT the mall where the theatre is located.

That hero was able to go up and get our information for us. They hadn’t decided on the times, so they couldn’t prebook tickets. Ticket sales would be available soon. Just wait. (But they couldn’t give us a time when… I was about ready to leave my workplace and go sit in front of the sales desk in anticipation/protest, but the lady I talked to on the phone, who finally picked up after LOTS of calls, told me tomorrow… I didn’t believe her.)

I stalked the app all night, and at 10, finally tickets appeared! YAY! I decided to go to the First Class theatre, where tickets are 6X the price (roughly 600-700 baht vs roughly 100-200 baht), but include things like a reclining seat, a blanket (needed when they keep that place so damn cold) popcorn, a drink, a pre-show seating area with snacks, and far fewer seats (often meaning few if any children, which is usually a bonus, also large spaces between couch seating/pair seating).

So…I’m good. I’m stuck at freaking work, so I can’t see it early like a lot of people on that group thread I started … bastards! They’re going at 10, hanging out with our Coffee Shop Hero, and then hitting the show. I have work until 16:30 (technically… I can AND WILL leave – sneak out – at about 15:00).

I went on Twitter blackout a day ago, and had to block BBC on Facebook because the jerks were sharing things! And with them came comments! All my people pretty much vowed to not spoil, but movie reporters pretty much have to be doucheweevels to get paid.

Ah, well. Just a few more hours…

I hope it’s good!


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