A Farewell to Aerylen

Mom messaged me this morning to tell me my American cat got very, very sick again and had to be put down. She’d had bad health for a few years, but would get better and then get bad again… looks like this was it, then… At least I got to go back and see her in May.

darci and ary
Me and Ary May 2015

I’m super sad about it. Not being there with her, I guess… that makes me sad, but I couldn’t be there, and I couldn’t bring her here… I mean, I guess I could have TECHNICALLY, but she wouldn’t be happy here. She was used to a big place and an outside. And I’m not sure she’d have held up to the plane ride. Plus she’d lived at my parents’ place for years and years even before I moved out.

I adopted her from a coworker’s cat’s litter back in Spring 2004. We were for some random reason without a cat at our house. That had pretty much never happened. But the kitten I had about 6 months before had been attacked by a dog and killed. I’d gone through a mourning period, and I needed a new cat. I need cats.

For years we lived together happily, then I fell in love (as you sometimes do), and I moved from my parents’ house into an apartment I shared with him. Ary, by that time, had other cat friends, had lived as an indoor-outdoor cat for all her life, and was a bit skittish. I didn’t want to move her from her environment.

(And he was – and I suppose still is – allergic to cats. This should have been more of a thing than it was.)

So, for the first time, I left her. But I didn’t go but an hour away, and I visited her often.

ary bed
My room had been made into a guest room, or the Ary Room.


(Technically, though I said I was visiting my family!)

Three years later, the boyfriend and I broke up, and I moved back into my parents’ house for the brief transition between shared-apartment-with-ex and Thailand. So I had a few cold months to spend with her, stretched out in front of the “fire”.

ary fire
It’s actually a heater that looks like a fire.

Then I went to Thailand. After six months, I visited again. Back to Thailand. Two years away, visited again. Two years, visited again.

I’m glad I had her while I had her. I’m sorry I didn’t have her as much as I should have. Sorry I left her, I guess, though I knew what I was doing.

Love you, sweetie. Rest well.

ary closeup
My sweet girl. She would drool when she slept… lol, it was cute.

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