“Lazarus” and Fountain Pens

One of the interesting things I’ve found since he passed, is some of the group reactions. For example, just a few days ago, when the video for Lazarus dropped, one of my fountain pen groups started trying to figure out what pen David Bowie uses in the video.

There’s yet to be a real ruling on it. There are three camps torn between Sailor, Parker, and a small one for Pelikan. I’m on the Sailor team myself, but not really in a serious way that I would bet money on it. People are sort of locating different things, the rings, the transparent cap, the grip, etc and all of them together don’t seem to fit one pen…

So quite possibly custom. But I like Sailor pens, so if we have to pick one of three, I’m in the Sailor camp.

david bowie fp
It looks a lot like a Sailor I have, from that image.

Obviously it was a shock to come back to those posts today, with the new news.

The other group reacting would be cat groups. How many people do you think named their cats after him? Bowies and Jareths and Ziggys and the like? Lots of people, and those are just the ones I’m connected to.

It’s amazing to see how people react, how people allowed him into their lives. How he influenced their culture.

Just something I was thinking about.


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