“Where the Fuck Did Monday Go” – RIP David Bowie

So I sort of struggled with whether or not to post on this. I went through all the odd early on things this afternoon on Twitter, where it wasn’t 100% sure if it was real or a hoax or what was going on. After a bit most people had put it down to a hoax because Twitter was the only place reporting, and I went off to a meeting.

Then I came back to my computer. And it was real, and I was heartbroken. Which is pretty much how I’ve stayed all day.

As a 30 year old woman, it’s pretty much understandable that I come to David Bowie in two ways: a massive Labyrinth fan, and then the classic rock radio station in my home area. He was part of my culture growing up, even though he’s most commonly associated with the 70s, people of my age didn’t let him go. Just like, for example, Queen. We wanted him, too.

So I spent my day dancing to Golden Years and Let’s Dance and Under Pressure and I’m Afraid of Americans and so many more of the greatest hits, as well as the new songs from the Blackstar album just released…

A parting gift, I guess, from Bowie to his fans. Obviously, has to be. Lazarus can’t be anything but that. And god if it isn’t just the perfect way… if he has to go – and I really wish he didn’t have to – he did it the right fucking way. The best way.

Thanks for being you. For being awesome. For making great music. For wearing awesome clothes. For helping me dance. For probably being my first crush before I was really old enough to understand what a crush was.

My sorrows for those of your family, and all those who love you.

RIP. bowie


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