When Technology is Lost, OR “How Ants Took Over My Life, A Horror Story”

Last year, I did a review about the Marvel movie Ant Man. To recap, I enjoyed it. In that review, I mentioned that the movie uses some ants that attack electronics using electricity, and that I had real-world evidence of ants and their love of electronics.

ant cord
My cell phone charger.

Two and a half weeks, the cosmic Ant Man that is life decided to screw me.

My netbook keyboard doesn’t work. I use a USB keyboard. This means I don’t eat over my netbook. There’s no food in it. Is it warm? Sure. But I live in Thailand. EVERYTHING is warm. It’s dry season in Thailand, and ants do come indoors often for water. There is no water in my netbook, there IS however water in the bathroom, also there is cat food… cat food far away from my netbook.

But, for some reason unknown to me, the ants decided … that netbook? That’s what we want. That’s what we need.

Hell yes.


Understandably, this isn’t the best picture, because they never stopped moving. They came from under the keys. They came from between the joints. They came from the vents. THEY CAME FROM EVERYWHERE.

I killed them. And they continued to come. I killed them, and even more came. I fought them for two days. And then I surrendered.

I turned it over to an IT friend of mine, who had a team of people with the tools and knowledge to deal with the problem.

They spent two weeks opening the thing open. Taking it apart. Washing it. Drying it. Washing it. Drying it. Washing it. Drying it. They did this eight or nine times, and hopefully this took care of the pheromones. It for sure took care of the thousands of ant corpses and (I was told) hundreds of thousands of ant eggs.

I refuse to believe that number is true. That must be lies.

They returned it today. And now I must protect it from the nightmares. I am happy to be returned to the world of technology after spending almost three weeks using my mobile phone (it’s a good phone, but damn I missed an actual screen and keyboard).

Moral of this story? Ant Man is the most terrifying Avenger. And IT people are awesome.


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