Random Movie Review (Continuation): Batman v Superman & Daredevil v Punisher

Okay, I find there are a few things extra I want to mention about this movie aside from what I’ve already said. Primarily because I keep getting hit in other places with the fact that I must not understand the movie because I don’t read comics. And that Batman v Superman – Dawn of Justice is so amazing for comic book people because it’s a movie made from the vomit of a person who binged and purged all the most financially popular Batman/Superman comics.

I’ve gotten angrier about this every time it’s been said.

I understand this is beginning to show in my attitude. Also my muscle tension. I’ve gotta let it out.

Outside of the fact that, yeah, I do actually understand the existence of this thing you call “comic books” and this universe you know as “DC”, here’s something I think might have hurt my enjoyment of the film (besides all of the stuff already said in the other review).

A week before Batman v Superman release, Marvel Netflix released the second season of Daredevil. One of the key conflicts in the series is how the title character, Daredevil, and another main character Punisher, go about crime fighting. Punisher is harsh, lethal. Mercy isn’t exactly his thing. If he sees a person as a danger, he feels justified in taking them down with full, lethal force. Daredevil, on the other hand, goes after Punisher because he sees these actions as criminal. Even if the cause behind it has value, the method goes too far. Daredevil will – so far as we can tell – only go so far as physical assault, punches and kicks and hittin’ mobsters with heavy objects. Still pretty absurd, but he technically has a line.

This is extremely close to the Superman/Batman conflict in the movie. Batman is too lethal for Superman. Ignoring the bit of hypocrisy that Superman is pretty damn lethal himself. The reverse doesn’t work. Punisher sees Daredevil as too weak, a “half measure”, whereas Batman sees Superman as sort of the ultimate possible terrorist. Even a 1% chance he could be a weapon of mass destruction, hit him. (Kinda got proof of it in the previous movie… since I know Superman, I find this hard to argue for, but since I’ve seen Man of Steel I also find it hard to argue against…). Still the show and movie both raise questions of the execution of justice.

Difference? Punisher and Daredevil have me tense and crying, occasionally questioning myself. Batman and Superman have me thinking they’re both entirely self-unaware hypocrites. And selfish. Neither of them seem to be doing it to help anyone else. It’s all revenge and maybe some jealousy. He SAYS it’s deterrent and everything, but it also feels a bit jealous and bitter.

In Daredevil, all of this is broken down and discussed in an episode visually laid out with many panel’s shot for shot, and a lot of dialogue word for word, from an existing comic.

From The Other Murdoch Papers … Too lazy to cut together my own.

One of the OTHER arguments I’ve been hit with is that Batman v Superman is groundbreaking because it looks so much like the comic (like the Mecha-Batman stepping on Supes or that nuke scene, straight from TDKR). But that is not groundbreaking. Ignoring the fact that Snyder himself did it in Watchmen, since that was one of the best adapted comic book movies, it’s also been done like crazy in Sin City, also a bit in V for VendettaScott Pilgrim, pretty often in Daredevil and Jessica Jones (first scene first scene, even!), I’m sure at least one of the Spider-Man movies pulled from some comic some time. I feel like there was one in Captain America: The First Avenger, but I can’t remember, same thing with Superman Returns. (Ang Lee’s Hulk made it look like a comic book! Didn’t you love that?)

Anyway, that one episode (episode 3, I think) in Daredevil season 2 covered a lot of the same ground. But it did so with a greater feeling of emotion. A greater depth to the discussion. Along with better chemistry and depth between and to the characters themselves… having that show come seven days before Batman v Superman did not serve the movie well.

I don’t think I would have loved the movie regardless, but it certainly didn’t help.

(And, no, I’m not a Marvel-only fangirl. I read comics from the major three – Marvel, DC, Image – fairly equally, depending on what exists at what time

Batman and Robin Eternal is about to end in one issue, so I’ll be down one book, and anyway, DC Rebirth is ending Red Hood and Arsenal so that’s another, I’m going to have to restructure my DC books next month. Looks like Detective Comics and Wonder Woman right now. Of course my Image books are flipping right now Wicked + Divine has been out for a bit, but is coming back, whereas Paper Girls is going out on break. G. Willow Wilson’s daughter is sick, so Ms. Marvel is delayed and missing an April release… My April comics month is going to be … a whole lot of not much, I think. Spider Woman, Vision, and Superman American Alien? Depressing. Maybe Comixology will put a good collection on sale. Haha, sorry for the ramble.)

Time to go take a few headache tabs and some milk and crash. Have a good week, folks.


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