Cloak and Dagger – TV

I’m about to crash, but I couldn’t not talk about this since the info just dropped.

Anytime anyone on youtube or twitter asked the question “what would YOU make if if you could turn any property to a netflix/tv series” my answer was ALWAYS Cloak and Dagger (along with Kamala Khan’s Ms. Marvel), originally a 1980s comic about a pair of runaway, street kids that got snatched up by some rough guys and drug tested on as part of an experiment. All the others in the test died, but they survived.

Her costume IS cut out in a dagger form, if you’re wondering.

They became CLOAK and DAGGER. Ty, a man with the power of the darkforce, struggling with an inner darkness and wearing a cloak, has the ability to call things into him and teleport. Tandy, a woman with light powers, she uses her power to shoot daggers of light, and also to sort of feed Ty and keep him going because the darkforce leeches him.

Together, they, Ty and Tandy, vowed vengeance on the people that hurt them and to protect others like they had been from falling for the same sort of trap.

It’s a pretty gritty, grim tale. And they’re an interesting pair. They’re inseparable, really. Tied together by their powers and their shared origin. Technically Tandy could leave easier than Ty could, she helps him, but doesn’t need him the way he needs her. That is until their run in with Mr Negative back in the Spider Island event, but whatever. Point is, they’re tied.

Tandy finds Ty overprotective at times. Ty finds Tandy too uninterested.

Their relationship is complicated to say the very least. It’s been written with elements that hint of romance, in the Ultimate universe I believe they were dating, and in Secret Wars they had the same light/dark break up, but their powers were flipped, and they were brother and sister.

cloak and dagger


And yet this story is going to be a romance TV show for young tweens.


I’m not sure I’m cool with this. I need to sleep and process…

I wish I had been a little more specific in all those YouTube posts and Tweets… I mean, I DID say NETFLIX show, so that should have hinted at tone a bit, right?!?!

Good writers. It just needs really good writers, and producers with an open mind about what younger audiences can handle.


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