Seriously? RIP Prince.

What the fuck, 2016? No. Seriously. What the fuck? It was bad enough that David Bowie died. But Prince, too?

Earlier this month, I listened to my favorite podcast, The Weekly Planet, which is an entertainment/humor podcast that focuses on nerdy stuff. They did an episode over Burton Batman movies, and I’d been on a little Prince kick ever sense.

His music, his career took risks. He was sexy in a way that pushed boundaries of American prudishness, and helped some people understand the world wasn’t as binary as they thought it was (much in the same way Bowie did).

He was an inspiration.

Sure, he had his moments of celebrity crazy, but more important for his legacy was the music. And those high notes.

And the brilliant color he brought to the world. Even on cloudy days.

(Edit: the above video of Prince’s Superbowl Halftime Show seems to be unallowed for playback off of YouTube, so here is the link.)

RIP. Prince. My sorrows for the sorrows of those who love you.

And 2016? Fuck you. You might have taken his body. But his music is with us forever.


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