Random Movie Review: Captain America Civil War (Spoiler Free)

This will be very brief, and I will release a “real” (in my usual format) review next week, closer to the full world release date.


Enhanced folks have – good intent or not – done some damage since Iron Man 2008. Various (and many) world governments come together and demand that the “Avengers” fall in line under the UN as a registered force. If they don’t, they become criminals. The team divides on the issue, and other things. Fights ensue. Many, many fights.


If you’re looking for the MCU to meet Marvel Netflix in terms of fight choreography, I think Civil War managed that. As far as CGI effects and the fancier stuff? Spot on. Amazing. Bought every bit of it.


Not one problem. (It has a lot of the same rapid camera changes during action scenes as Winter Soldier, being made by the same guys and all, so if that bothered you…)


Somehow felt like everyone’s best movie, despite having so many characters. Black Widow has probably her best action scene to date, and some great character moments. You actually get to see War Machine’s face. Falcon exists a little outside of Cap (not much, but a little… dude’s loyal). Vision and Scarlet Witch and Ant-Man, three new additions from the last two movies in the MCU, have development (though mainly Vision and Scarlet Witch). And our two newest characters feel fleshed out despite Black Panther and Spider-Man both making their debut appearance in this film.

Captain America, Iron Man, and Winter Soldier? Dude.

Granted, Hawkeye’s pretty much just Hawkeye, lol.


It did everything it needed to do. It lived up to, and in my own opinion did better than the source material. The Civil War comic was at times too … partisan from the part of the author, perhaps, that the question of sides wasn’t as much of a question as it should have been, and the emotional struggle of friend against friend, ext-teammate against ex-teammate wasn’t as deep and heart-rending as it should have been.

It was here. The action was on point, emotions were high (though, as always, this one comes with the caveat of my being easily emotionally manipulated!), and it expanded the MCU brilliantly. I cannot wait for Black Panther and Spider-Man Homecoming.

Very well done. Go see it.


I knew going in.

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