That’s the End of That

Had a seizure on my birthday. Nostalgic, since that’s when my first seizure was. And since my friend had a seizure on HIS birthday like two months earlier.


So, I went a year and a half. Could be worse. Could be better. I was hoping it would be better. It wasn’t better. It was worse. But not the worst. I had it at home, in bed, because – per usual – I felt it coming. And (as I normally, but not always, have the proper amount of sense to do do) I climbed right into bed and stayed there. Helped that it was after 11, basically midnight (making it my birthday). Wasn’t anywhere to go.

Needless to say, I’m sore. I’m not, however, injured. I didn’t even break the skin on my lip all that bad. Just gnawed it to knotting. It was an evening seizure, which is super unusual, and I’d slept and ate… I’m not sure what the trigger was. Too comfortable? Too content?

Maybe. Maybe.

Anyway. Time to reset the clock.

Stable: one and a half days.


3 thoughts on “That’s the End of That

  1. It’s stimulus. I suffer from epilepsy (along with bipolar disorder, panic disorder, PTSD, and substance abuse..when it rains…). When I changed epilepsy medication, I had an attack. I was at a Hillary Clinton rally and had an episode. The presence of stimulation, specifically excitation from stimulus seem to lead to my attacks. Right now I’m on a good medical regime and haven’t had an attack for a few months. That said, nothing is certain.

    1. My seizures are rarely stimulus, or just stimulus, I’m almost always sleep deprivation. Like I said, I was at home, just hanging out.I also have a thing where the further out I get away from a seizure the more I feel an… almost a NEED to have a seizure. Gotta release the excess energy buildup.

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