Random Movie Review: Star Trek – Beyond

My sorrows for those who loved him.

To begin, when Anton Yelchin died, I was crushed. He might not have been a super-star or anything, but while I liked him well enough in the Star Trek movies, I fell in love with him while watching Odd Thomas. I know that movie wasn’t extremely well watched (distribution issues, if I remember correctly… didn’t release in the US for a long time), but I loved it.

Let me just say, Star Trek: Beyond wasn’t a bad movie to go out on. If you have to go out. I really, really wish he didn’t. But… well. It was a good movie. So there’s that.


I decided to put this at the top now. Seems like a better place to put it. Anyway, nothing. Not a damn thing. For all that this is a space action movie, and there are explosions and stuff, they’re pretty … controlled, I guess? A lot of the thing is in the daylight. What happens at night has full color, and is spread out. There’s none of that low-light blue flashy crap.

This is an A+ movie for this Epileptic!

Gettin’ to it (Love this poster…I might buy one and frame it…)


The movie starts 3ish years into the Enterprises 5 year mission. It starts out with a good joke, and moves into a “this is our every day, and space is deep and dark and vast” sort of feeling. The crew go to resupply at the Federation’s newest space station, Yorktown, (a nod to the OG) which is this MASSIVE glass globe in space, filled with rotating rings… it is super awesome.

When the Enterprise flies through this and you get a glimpse at the people and the technology. The color and the light and the sleek beauty that is this scifi utopia. I swear, I swear, I cried. This was retro science fiction at its finest. It’s more than just a simple station, it’s a fully habitated base with families. Children. It’s more of a colony.

While at the space station, a distress call is received. A woman’s ship has been lost in a nebula, she escaped, can they help her rescue her crew. The nebula is uncharted space. Of course, the Enterprise is the only ship advanced enough to navagate through the complex network of this nebula, so off it goes.

And adventure happens.

And it is wonderous.


Chris Pine/James T. Kirk – Has finally really settled into the role and made it his own, I think. He does a wonderful job here, the best yet. I really, really buy his concern for his crew. I truly feel his growth, that he’s learned. He no longer feels too young and brash to be sitting in the captain’s chair. That’s his, now. Without question.

Zachary Quinto/Spock – Has always done a good job in this role, but this movie gives him several moments to really shine. No surprise here, but they don’t just ignore Leonard Nimoy’s death; it is addressed within the film, and Mr. Quinto sells it with solid emotion, in the properly logical manner of his character, of course.

spock one
My sorrows for those who loved him. And my thanks for the gift of his time.

Karl Urban/Bones – I have a special affection for Karl in that I like him in everything he does, even when I don’t realize it was him. (Did you know he was in LOTR? I JUST realized that this year!) He really sinks into his work. He’s Bones, and he’s got great chemistry with Spock. It’s fantastic.

Zoe Saldana/Uhura – She’s excellent, per usual. I always find it interesting the range Zoe has in her physicality, since she’s like the go-to female for kickass. Uhura has some vulnerability to her, so when she does fight, it’s not going to be anywhere near the level of say what Zoe puts out in Losers or GotG or Columbiana. Her chemistry with Zach’s Spock was good, too. Especially near the end. Low key, but you can see it.

Simon Pegg/Scotty – Fun, as he always will be. I’d really like to know if this accent is anything remotely resembling Scottish. I watch QI and 8 out of 10 Cats and other British comedy panel shows that have me listening to Scots occasionally, but I cannot tell at all. Anyway, he’s great and sweet, and I really appreciated his time with the new character Jaylah. (For the record, that cliff grabbing scene from the trailer… just as BS as it looked.)

John Cho/Sulu – Fabulous job. I love when he takes the captain’s chair if Kirk has to step out. The way he moves and sits has such a unique feel to it. And the moment with his daughter and husband! So sweet! (I know the whole thing with Takei, but that struck me of pure nerd “but it wasn’t that way in the original!”, haha… it worked and was a lovely piece. Unadorned. Uncomplicated. Just there.)

Anton Yelchin/Chekov – He did a solid job. Like all of the rest, I felt like he had really settled into the character. He also got the big callback line of the movie (if there’s one big one every movie, think KHAAAAAN from the last one, for example… “live long and prosper” doesn’t count). Thinking on it now, his last lines of the movie… well, it’s kind of funny, I guess. Anyway, I cried like every time he was on screen. I can’t be objective here.

Sofia Boutella/Jaylah – Sofia was Gazelle in Kingsman, if you remember her. She was legit awesome in that movie. She was also legit awesome in this movie. She didn’t have metal legs here, but her makeup was fantastic, and her character was solid. She has a gorgeous accent that really worked for the character background. Also, I don’t want to give anything away, so I’m going to stop with saying, I love her. The end.

She’s going to have fans. Lots of them. (Photo from ComicBookMovie.com)

Idris Elba/Krall – He’s Idris freaking Elba. He does a great job. Of course he does. Screw you for even thinking he might do different! But yeah, he’s pretty cool, I guess. He’s the villain. I’m not really going to say anything here either, cuz spoilers and all.

You know he’s a bad guy cuz he has reddish eyes.

Everyone else is pretty much side character/red shirt territory, sooooo. They did great!


For the most part? Phenomenal. Deep space stuff, ship stuff, station stuff, jungle stuff, Jaylah’s stuff? Awesome.

See, Yorktown Station, lovely. (Via Screen Rant)

However, there is one scene that is not awesome. It involves … driving … on … a road .. uh … ANYWAY. I think they CGI’d the whole scene or something? I’m not sure, but it looks balls. And I don’t know why it couldn’t have just been largely practical and then overlaid with a green screen background? Maybe it was and there was just a speed issue one going faster than the other that was throwing me off. Who knows. SOMETHING was way wrong in that scene. Otherwise? Beautiful. Lovely.


Only putting this here because there’s a massive callback to Star Trek (2009) involving music that actually has something to do with the plot. I’m sure this sorta pulls from the Guardian’s of the Galaxy popularity, but at the same time, the origin of it way predates GotG, so they’ve got that. Again, I won’t spoil if you don’t get it yourself, but it’s SUPER fun and really cool. I don’t know how believable, exactly, but it’s really cool.

Interesting to Note

Ha! Snot! Also, the necklace.


I cried and I cried and I cried even more. It was an awesome movie. I plan on seeing it again.

landscape-1450178576-star-trek-beyond-photo-1 DIGITAL SPY
:cries: (Via Digital Spy)




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