Random Movie Review (Before the Movie Is Made, Director Review): Captain Marvel

So. Apparently Marvel Studios is considering three directors for their “upcoming” (in 2019, so upcoming is completely relative) Captain Marvel film.

The short list is Niki Caro (Whale Rider, The Zookeeper’s Wife, McFarland USA); Leslie Glatter (Homeland, Newsroom, Mad Men, West Wing); Lorene Scafaria (Seeking a Friend for the End of  the World).

I love all three of these. Like holy crap, what a list, right? I think Glatter has a real shot after the Russo’s came from TV to do Winter Soldier and Civil War and basically take over the Marvel Universe.


You might remember (you won’t, and it doesn’t bother me) that I reviewed Whale Rider awhile back. Now, I loved Seeking a Friend for the End of the World. And The West Wing is my favorite television show (not counting Netflix stuff, where Jessica Jones takes over), which I’ve seen every season at least 5 times. Absolutely no lie. Many episodes I’ve seen up to or over seven. Glatter and Scafaria would be excellent choices.

But Whale Rider was a gorgeous movie. And the emotional power of Paikea versus the world around her, a world which would be better if she were a boy… that is PERFECT for a Carol Danvers Captain Marvel. A woman in the military. The first woman to helm her own film in the MCU.

Visually, there’s a glory to the landscape and waterscape shots in Whale Rider that I could see playing well for sky and space shots when Carol took flight. There’s joy in Paikea when she embraces her “power” as a tribe leader, despite the desires of those around her, that I could see translated to Carol doing something similar in embracing her own powers. At the same time, there’s the struggle between Paikea and her grandfather that could be put through with Carol and her old companions in the military or old friends. Caro ROCKS interpersonal connection.

Granted, I’ve not seen her rock so much action, but she understands physicality. Paikea and the boys do move. And she understands striking and moving visuals. Carol won’t fight like Cap and Bucky. Plus, to some extent the MCU is committee directed and begun with storyboarding. She would have her own direction with action, but Feige would also have input. I’m not at all concerned with that.

My point is… Niki Caro is my pick… but, you know, I am just generally happy about this news… I love this news. I am excited as all hell for this film. I need to take better care of myself! I can’t die before this movie comes out!


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