King Bhumibol Adulyadej

Not much that can be said here. At his passing, my thoughts go out to his family, and to his people, who so love and respect him. As I work at a government office, we’re now under a year of mourning, and on day one, I certainly feel that.

He was King here in Thailand for 70 years. He lived in Europe as a child during WWII, and grew up with the hardships that come of that, bringing the idea that he learned during that time of subsistence to Thailand, and innovation. He was one of the world’s great Renaissance Men, in a way, musician, writer, athlete, inventor/scientist/engineer/tinkerer, philosopher, politician, and more. As a human, he wasn’t perfect, it’s impossible for us to reach perfection, but he was a good man. It is a tragedy that he suffered as much as he did.

May he now find rest. And may the grief of his Kingdom, who weep at his passing, show truly how much he was loved.



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