Random Movie Review: Doctor Strange *UPDATE*

So. Today I braved the Phuket bus system (which I do all the time, but it has been really wonky this month!) and went to the beach mall Jungcylon, the only place on the island showing Doctor Strange in English 3D. Other theatres are no 3D and only Thai-dub 3D (and for the record, Thai dubbing is awful).

Anyway. My point is, I saw Doctor Strange in 3D today, as it was obviously meant to be seen. And it was GLORIOUS. What I said about the visuals in my previous post? Quadruple my praise.

It made EVERYTHING better, actually. I felt so much more a part of the magic and the world that the whole emotional core of the film resonated with me more today than on Wednesday. So where I really liked the movie earlier in the week, I LOVED it today.

Still no cat.

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